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    How Lifestyle Changes Could Prevent Chronic Illnesses

    Join Ciaran Fletcher and Dr. Anna Smith as they discuss how you can make lifestyle changes to live longer and healthier.

    In this fascinating episode of the Illuminating Primary Care podcast, Ciaran Fletcher is joined by Dr. Anna Smith, an NHS and Holistic GP.

    Anna explains what she does as a Certified Lifestyle Physician, as well as her work as a Mind-Body Practitioner. She provides tips and advice for preventing various chronic illnesses through lifestyle changes, as well as explaining the links between our bodies and minds.

    What topics do we cover?

    Dr. Anna Smith discusses Lifestyle and Mind-Body medicine with Ciaran, including:

    • What a Lifestyle Physician does
    • Potential lifestyle causes of diabetes and dementia
    • Preventing chronic illnesses through lifestyle changes
    • The effects of stress on your body
    • What Mind-Body Medicine is
    • Benefits of Mind-Body Medicine
    • How to get into Mind-Body/Lifestyle Medicine

    Where can you listen to all of our podcast episodes?

    You can either watch our podcast below or stream it on Spotify, Apple or Amazon.

    Watch the episode now on YouTube

    YouTube podcast timings

    01:39 – Anna’s work in acupuncture and as a Holistic GP

    03:10 – What Lifestyle Medicine involves

    07:17 – Lifestyle influences on dementia

    08:32 – The relation between Acupuncture and Lifestyle Medicine

    11:00 – The impact of stress on your body

    13:45 – What Mind-Body Medicine involves

    17:35 – Holistic approach / resources for patients of chronic illnesses

    20:18 – Benefits of Mind-Body Medicine

    25:47 – How to get into Lifestyle Medicine or Mind-Body Medicine

    26:59 – The NHS, medical school and chronic illnesses

    30:47 – Advice for dealing with symptoms

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