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Menlo Park comprises three highly specialised recruitment divisions within healthcare

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A light and it never goes out…

Menlo Park was Thomas Edison’s ‘Invention Factory’, it’s synonymous with the creation of the incandescent lightbulb an invention of incredible utility and symbolism.

Inspired by the history and the qualities that the name Menlo Park embodies; we adopted the moniker and created a multi-award-winning healthcare recruitment consultancy. Our core focus is on the Primary Care industry, where we’ve nurtured an unrivalled network of GPs and Allied Health Professionals since 2015.

We’re not reinventing recruitment, rather, we’re shining a light over the people and situations we encounter, bringing warmth, perceptiveness, and a spark to the recruitment journey.

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Our ethos

Ability to source and engage candidates that others can’t

Our ethos consists of four key elements; these four elements consistently appear in the testimonials and feedback we receive from clients. We are noted for our ability to source and engage candidates, that others can’t. Our success has been forged by building great networks and maintaining contact throughout the recruitment process. Our expert knowledge of the sector allows us to fully understand the roles we handle, and convey them in a very effective and clear way to clinicians.

Our niche specialisation means that our consultants are highly knowledgeable and insightful

Our niche specialisation means that our consultants are highly knowledgeable and insightful. We get to the very DNA of a practice we’re working with, allowing us to source and engage ‘best fit’ clinicians for the team. We’ve achieved this, over the years, through robust training and detailed processes. We have excellent retention rates at Menlo Park; our consultants develop their expertise over years of working with the company. You’re working with a trusted advisor, when you partner with Menlo Park.

We are extremely thorough in our approach

We are extremely thorough in our approach; taking and sharing detailed information with Surgeries and Clinicians. Those working with Menlo Park receive regular feedback and comprehensive preparation throughout the recruitment exercise. Sharing key information promotes transparency and improves the recruitment process.

The people we work with and place into new roles, make a big, positive difference to their new employers.

The clinicians we place make a big, positive difference to their new surgeries; they are of a higher calibre and linked to better retention rates, compared to those sourced elsewhere. Working with Menlo Park is the most sensible investment you could make for your career or practice.

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We have saved a lot of time and energy by using Menlo and would not hesitate to recommend their services

George Thomas

Practice Manager

The Future
of Healthcare

  • Life expectancy continues to rise
  • There is a greater need to partner with other sectors, improve data and interoperability
  • Greater emphasis on well-being, prevention and early intervention
  • A rise in the use of innovative technologies to improve the patient experience
  • The introduction of Virtual Health to improve access and promote value based care
  • The development of discerning healthcare consumers
  • An increased need for regulatory oversight and risk management in relation to high volumes of data

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