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    At the very end of last week, we celebrated Ciaran’s Birthday. Ciaran is one of our Nurse and Allied Health consultants. If you are a Practice Nurse, Advanced Nurse Practitioner or Allied Health professional interested in career opportunities in the South of the UK, you can contact Ciaran for an informal chat about how we can help you.

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    Great feedback for David

    At the start of this week we had some fantastic feedback for David. This came from a GP he has recently placed in a Practice. This type of feedback really shows the hard work and dedication the team bring to the company. David works with GPs and GP Practices in the South East of the country. He can help you find you next perfect Primary Care role today or can help you find the next prefect fit for your Practice.


    “Hot-hub” created at GP Practice

    On Tuesday we highlighted a news article about a GP Practice in Salisbury who have created a ‘hot hub’. This is where they can treat people suffering with COVID19 away from other patients at the practice. This type of set up could become the norm where possible throughout the country, which will hopefully reduce the spread even further.


    AI Powered Platform for doctors

    We also shared the news that ‘Doctorslink’ userbase had “almost quadrupled” in 6 months. The AI powered platform is the first of its kind and can identify coronavirus symptoms. It’s aim is to help triage patients and so helping GP Surgeries.

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    New standards for nurses in Primary Care

    The Nursing Times announced on the 27th May that there was “new NHS-backed standards for nurses going into primary care”. This will involve voluntary education, training and mentorship. The framework has been developed by community nursing charity, The Queen’s Nursing Institute.


    The dangers of Type 2 diabetes

    The National Health Executive website highlighted the problem we face in this country with adult Type 2 diabetes. The article estimated the by 2025, 5 million people in the UK will have diabetes, 90% of which is Type 2. However, intervention and prevention can reduce the numbers. The awareness of how serious this illness is needs to be highlighted. NHS England has reported that a quarter of all COVID19 patients who died in hospital, had diabetes.

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    We hope you all have a happy and safe weekend!

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