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    What’s Important for candidates in the Medical Devices sector post Lockdown?

    Medical Device insights

    The Market has changed significantly. Prior to the covid pandemic, high travel and frequent overnights were a given for most. Remote or homeworking a privilege enjoyed by few. National lockdowns and work from home orders have meant that many of us who have limited experience of homeworking, were suddenly thrust in full time remote work.

    After nearly 18 months of the Coronavirus being a part of our lives, and the better part of a year being spent in Lockdown; many workers have reflected on what’s important to them. They have had time to think about what they took for granted before lockdowns, and realised what they definitely don’t miss!

    I have spent a lot of the past year speaking to individuals who have reflected heavily on their future. There’s been a few key themes that have come up around what is important to workers in a post-pandemic world.

    Remote work and flexibility

    This is a topic that has been in pretty much every conversation I have had with candidates. And whilst it is still hotly debated in articles arguing for, and against being in the office full time, the general theme we are seeing as that almost everyone wants some degree of remote work, or flexibility.

    Many individuals have found that they have flourished in the remote working environment. Better work-life balance, removing the commute, and having more time with the family as a result.

    Many people also find they are more productive and now have more active work hours in their day. Either into their commute time, or happy to do that bit extra with the flexibility. I’ve even spoken with candidates who have given their notice, without having another job offer; as the current travel and workload made them realise it unacceptable for them going forward.

    Homeworking certainly isn’t for everyone. That may be preference, or home situation; but it’s clear that the majority of individuals at least want some choice. For most, a balance between work and office is ideal.

    A Unique and differentiating product offering 

    This has always been an important factor for individuals deciding their next career move; but this is certainly becoming a higher priority for individuals. They want to be working with a genuinely interesting and innovative product that makes a tangible difference to the market.

    Many commercial candidates have always been motivated by the product they are selling. However it’s coming up higher on candidates priority lists across all functions. Individuals want to be passionate about the products they are working with.

    How an employer handled the pandemic

    The Medical Devices Industry is a very close-knit sector. People talk, pretty much everyone in the sector knows everyone else either directly or through a connection or two. How companies have handled the pandemic has been discussed. Whenever I’m bringing an opportunity to an individual it’s one of the first questions asked.

    It’s not so much about revenue and company performance, but around how the leadership handled the crisis. How the culture of the company held, or changed. And how current employees felt they were treated is a major question for individuals, when considering an organisation.

    Every individual is different and has their own priorities. The above are a couple of key themes we have seen. We would love to hear what people consider to be important to them. And how their priorities may have changed by the pandemic.

    Please do comment below with any changes or new priorities that have come up to you following the pandemic.

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    Medical Device insights

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