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    Demand in the industry

    So, you’re wanting to start a career in UX Designing and want to know if you have the chops to break into the industry? In terms of Health Tech, this sector will continue to grow due to new innovations and ideas that are pushing the boundaries for how we look at Health Care. Tasks that came with a heavy challenge before are being made easier and a big component of that is UX Designing, due to individuals creating user experiences that are bringing patients and medical professionals closer together.

    Every year, hospitals are adapting to digital infrastructure and with that, comes the demand for UX Designers to create intelligent designs that will make a smoother journey for patients and clinicians alike.

    What fundamental skills are desired? 

    According to the UXpin report, the study found that one of the most widely common among designers is “prototyping” with static wireframing and user research not far behind. 

    Prototyping is a very valuable skill, especially if you are working for a start-up company that is wanting to be successful in funding. This is since investors will want to see exactly how the functionality of your software will work, a trial session if you will, to see if it looks as intuitive as it sounds on paper. From this feedback can be given, which will also improve the chances of impressing investors, but also can help develop UX skills even further.

    Static Wireframing, although on a base level sounds like prototyping. It speaks more to the navigational flow of the software and how the functionality will play out essentially. It’s the building bricks for the application and before the visual aesthetics come into play, it’s ensuring that it works as it should.

    It’s no surprise that these are considered some of the highest-rated desirables, so if you’re looking to break into UX Designing, then it’s certainly time to strengthen these areas.

    Challenges to Overcome

    Many UX designers face certain issues in their job role and employers will no doubt be drawn to those that can overcome them. The main one is improving UX consistency and that is due to numerous issues including communication and collaboration.

    A way to reduce inconsistency is to create repetitive elements that are considered interactive for users, such as forms, dropdowns, and tables. That way, if maintained, it can keep stakeholders invested in the projects and elements can be standardized.

    Next is information and labels, as often with applications there can be an overuse of tech jargon, that can potentially confuse the user. So, dialing that back for a more human experience and they can understand what is being referenced. Colours can also come into play, and act as a visual guide for most individuals, so keeping visual aesthetics consistent and easily read can be vital.

    Trends and Conclusions

    We now stand in 2022 and UX Designing is always finding new ways to adapt and evolve. One trend that has been popular is personalised experiences. This is regarding curated recommendations based on data from customers. For example, how Netflix can provide a show based on your previous watches. The idea is to enhance the user experience by a form of emotional communication via AI. This is alongside 3D and animation which is also considered a desired aesthetical choice to use.

    Overall, it’s fair to say that UX Designing will continue to play an integral role in Health Tech and many other industries. Telemedicine is becoming more and more common each year and new technological medical devices will require a UX Designers’ touch.

    Sources used:

    Enterprise UX Industry Report 2017-2018

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