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    A new year look at some wellbeing and digital health platforms available

    Each new year, fitness, healthy eating and overall wellbeing are in the forefronts of a lot of peoples minds.

    As it’s the new year, we are taking a look over some interesting and innovative digital health products available.

    The popularity of wearable devices and health apps is down to their accessibility, portability and ability to personalise the information you receive according to your needs. It is this personalisation that makes wearable devices, healthy eating apps and mental health apps so useful and successful.

    Healthy Eating Apps 

    Platforms like Noom offer individual, tailored advice to their users. Using artificial intelligence, technology and psychology, Noom aims to change the way people approach their eating habits, that have developed over time.

    Noom was founded in 2008, launched the app in 2016 and now has over 50 millions downloads. Read more here.

    Healthy eating

    Smart watches

    There are literally 1,000s of smart watches on the market, aiming to help you track and monitor your overall health and fitness levels.

    Fitness trackers can be traced all the way back to the 1960s, when pedometers were created by Juri Kato called the ‘Manpo-kei’ meaning ’10,000 step-meter’, to encourage people to walk more.

    Since these more simplistic beginnings, fitness trackers have come a very long way, whilst also retaining their origins of counting steps!


    WHOOP wearable fitness trackers, monitor your recovery, sleep, training and health. This is then analysed to report back to the user with insights into how to optimise your performance. A really interesting part of WHOOP is their strain coach, that aims to help you to reduce either over or undertraining. Read more about WHOOP here.

    fitness tracker

    Fertility trackers


    Ava, have created a wearable device, that uses AI to track and report on your fertility, and therefore increase your chances on a pregnancy. The tracker is worn while you sleep, and then reports back on your most fertile days.

    Read more about their device, here.

    fertility tracker

    Mental Health 

    Ginger and Headspace

    Ginger and Headspace have recently announced a merger, combining their approach and expertise to become Headspace Health. Their aim is to “Democratizing Mental Healthcare Around The World”. The company predicted $300 million in sales by the end of their fiscal year.

    The company aims to provide individualised care through “meditation, treatment or sleep”


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