How do we successfully fill your vacancy?

Recruitment is a process (we explained our 5 stages here).

However, not everyone follows a process; some people lack the desire to achieve exceptional results, some are perhaps not capable of doing so.

We only hire experienced, high-calibre consultants, with a proven track record. We think that this is important for a number of reasons:

  • Within primary care, we are dealing with educated professionals, with a vast amount of life and work-experience; we need to be highly credible when representing your practice. The better the consultant you are dealing with, the better your chance of filling the vacancy.
  • We highly respect the recruitment profession; we believe that excellent consultants can have a major, positive impact on the fortunes of a surgery. Those we hire need to share these values and have the same passion for quality and impressive results.
  • We have an unwavering mission to improve standards, continuity and perceptions within UK primary care. We can’t achieve our objectives without having the right people ourselves.

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