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    Using CBD for natural period pain relief

    Tracy Wogman

    Can you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about your current role?

    My name is Tracy Wogman, I’m the founder and CEO of Create Better Days. The company was built out of my personal experience of having period pains and PMS every single month. What I wanted to do was to create a product that would help others so that they would have a gentler time every month whilst at the same time empowering women.

    80% of us suffer from some discomfort during their period at some stage in their lifetime, and my aim was to help menstruators that suffer discomfort in the same way I had.

    Can you tell us more about Create Better Days?

    The product is called Monthly Calm. It is a soft gel capsule that provides relief for menstrual discomfort. It is a synergy of natural ingredients that provides an alternative to the harsh chemicals and their known side effects found in over the counter pain killers.

    What inspired you to create this company?

    It was my personal experience with period pain that gave me the inspiration to create this company. It came about as I had arranged to meet my sister in New York. She lives in California, and as I live in London, we thought we would meet in the middle. I was in Heathrow airport, and I had grabbed a load of magazines as I was reading these I came across articles about the anti -inflammatory properties of CBD, and that piqued my interest. Having tried CBD for a sore neck I was pleased with the results.

    As I had always wanted to develop a product for menstrual discomfort, this was my inspiration. As I also wanted to create a product that would help with headaches, water retention and anxiety which often accompanies periods, I included magnesium, fennel, chamomile and cramp bark.

    How do people access the company, and what do they need to know about the product?

    You can go to the website which is to learn more about Monthly Calm and buy it from our on line store. There are some bricks and mortar retailers that stock it and it can also be purchased from a few e-commerce retailers.

    I had to pitch to retailers and the online distributors. A couple of clients of clients who originally bought it for their personal use now stock Monthly Calm in their shops!

    What challenges have you faced so far?

    On a personal level, the social media and having to get to grips with all of that! On a professional level, it is the fact that the marketing in the UK is highly regulated, you can’t make references to any medical claims and you do have to reiterate that CBD isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.

    Do you think that there have been developments and growth in products for women’s health?

    Yes, I would definitely say that there has been. I think there has also been much more awareness of Women’s Health issues and new technology such as fertility/menstrual cycle tracking apps  make it possible for women to manage their health and well-being on a more precise and personalised level than ever before.

    I think generally nowadays people are more interested in their health and their wellbeing. They are more aware of maintaining physical fitness which promotes a healthy immune system through nutrition and exercise. Cultivating a peaceful heart and mind through self-care and mindfulness can only be a good thing.

    What advice would you have for other women wanting to start their own women’s healthcare business?

    Go for it! There is still plenty of space out there for everybody. You need to work hard and be honest, authentic and be transparent with your products. I would encourage women to do it if they want to!

    What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

    It’s the old advice, of ‘if you don’t try, you’ll never know!’

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