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    When someone is affected by injury, illness, or disability and it’s not treated, it can also lead to an induced risk of injury or illness in the future and that is why physio / suitable exercises are very important for combatting that. But physio does not always come cheap, which can be off-putting for people, despite how useful it can be. However, what if there were some handy little applications in your pocket that could perhaps assist you.

    Let us discuss some of the most innovative apps in the physio world that you might find useful!


    This app is great for creating personalized exercise programs, and also has plenty of images, photos, and drawings for assistance and guidance. It comes with an extensive exercise library, ranging from balancing to cardiovascular activities, all of which can help maintain your form. New exercises are added each day when you’re signed up for the premium service, not to mention step-by-step tutorials with friendly support systems placed. Control your goals with targets and reminders to deepen your motivation and keep on track

    If you are a student studying physiotherapy, you can also download this app at a discounted price for the first year and educational licenses can be offered to training institutions.


    Optimov is an online physiotherapy platform for preventive and effective telerehabilitation that can be used anywhere, anytime. 

    The app itself is very accessible and even includes a virtual therapist that will guide you through each exercise so it can be executed in the safest way. The inbuilt tech is rather intuitive, as it features biometric sensors that measure the heart rate to keep you at an optimal level.

    The video content in the library is with accredited specialists so you can ensure that you are learning from the best. As opposed to having to be put on a long waiting list or having to fit consultations into your diary, you can have this accessible little physiotherapist right in your pocket.

    Healthcare professionals on the flip side can also use this app to track their patients’ progress to guide them into a healthier lifestyle and assign them E-Learning sessions for educational purposes.

    Online Physio

    Another one for those that are tired of waiting in traffic and consultation rooms and the actual foundations of the company was based on that very idea. In 2011, founder Karen Finnin was disappointed that she could no longer care for her patients, so she launched the first entirely online physiotherapy application in Australia. Since then, the app has been featured in esteemed magazines like Body and Soul and Good health.

    Many services include assisting with movement disorders, accident recovery, and much more, by setting goals and appropriate treatments for aids against related pain. With online physio, it takes you through the full consultation process completely online, meaning that you can get your injury personally assessed and diagnosed via any combination of webforms. Furthermore, rehabilitation plans can be put in place that is specific to your needs, and now that we’ve moved away from the reliance on complex machinery, patients can now be on the road to recovery in their own personal space.


    Their remote service gives you access to the most highly qualified chartered physiotherapists, all provided through the comfort of your own home. However, if the professionals believe that you need a physical appointment, they will alert you promptly. The physiotherapists are very thorough and will go in-depth about the history of your injury or condition to see what plans need to be put in place for maximum effect. A series of exercises will be given under supervision and following that, treatments and detailed reports to maintain a record of progress.


    This app will act as your digital partner and comes in two parts which are Phio Access, which is faster access to the right care, and Phio Engage is supported self-managed care. Both assist you in managing your recovery.

    Phio has quite a unique interface as it replicates human interaction, with a personal touch so it’s really like you have a virtual partner. Moreover, is available at any time and with multiple language options. The engage app can help you manage your own care and provide better communication with your clinician, so you can get the support you need much quicker.

    Phio Engage tracks your progress to ensure you’re checking off all the improvements that need to be made for a smooth recovery.

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