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We work with numerous surgeries across the UK, who support applicants with Tier 2 Visas.

We appreciate that there are often a number of doctors training to become GPs, that require Tier 2 sponsorship in order to live and work in the UK, upon completion of training. In order to apply for your Visa, you need to secure an offer from a licensed sponsor. Your licensed sponsor, will provide you with a certificate of sponsorship (COS) reference number. With the reference number you can apply for a Tier 2 Visa.

You’ll be assessed regarding your ‘attributes – based on a points system’

There is some ambiguity around the ‘appropriate salary’ for Tier 2 Sponsorship. Typically, the minimum salary requirement for a Tier 2 Visa is £30,000. However, the way the points system operates means, each time the cap (on Visas) is breached, the salary required increases. Recent demand for Tier 2 Visas had driven the salary required to secure one, up to £55,000.

You must apply for a Visa within 3 months of a COS being assigned.

We endeavour to update the jobs on our website, on a daily basis. Our jobs page shows roles that we are currently handling, already offering Tier 2 Sponsorship. For more information, please give one of our expert consultants a call today, on 0113 350 1308.

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