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    Recruitment is a process. Ours is made up of 5 stages:

    The best candidates are very rarely looking at adverts, you have to go out and find them. You can’t attract them to your organisation, if you can’t find them. Don’t expect the perfect person to land on your desk…

    The Health Tech industry is one of the most competitive for hiring, your competition are after the same talent as you so in a market like this, candidates need a good reason to speak with you.

    Your Assessment process. The candidate is now engaged and looking to learn more about the opportunity, as well as your chance to assess if they are the right fit for your organisation, it is your time to make sure the candidate is sold on the opportunity with you. We manage the process at this stage and take full feedback from both sides to ensure collaboration.

    We manage the offer process and upon acceptance, we help with the on-boarding process to ensure a strong start and here it is crucial to give the candidate the best possible support, which is linked to long-term retention.

    The best organisations will constantly review the needs of their team members; understanding their motivations, what keeps them happy and engaged and ultimately knowing how to keep them happy. If you can recruit and retain the right people, you will succeed in such a competitive space.

    Why should you use us?

    We are experts at what we do

    We combine the latest recruitment technology with knowledgeable consultants, to deliver first rate results, within surprising time-frames

    We work proactively and scour the market

    Our research shows we typically have some form of contact with around 60 – 70% of the local market, in comparison to advertising’s 5%

    We reach where advertising does not

    We tap into a different pool of candidates that normal advertising wouldn’t always reach, as a result of this, generally a higher-quality candidate is sourced. The best candidates aren’t always looking for a new job, but we can source them for you.

    There is evidence to show that candidates who are recruited through consultancies, often last longer than those recruited through adverts

    We work on a no-result, no-fee basis. If we don’t find your ideal candidate then it costs you nothing

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