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Hayden Baca, CEO and Founder of UnSavvy Strategy: Providing tech support for seniors

Tech support for seniors

Can you introduce yourself and tell me about your current role?

I’m Hayden Baca, I’m the CEO and owner of UnSavvy Strategy. I’m a tech advocate for seniors. I help seniors with technology, so anything that they need!

Can you tell me more about being a tech advocate for senior communities?

On a normal day for me, I would go to senior living accommodations in my town. I do both classes and one to one, I spend a lot of time there with them. In the afternoons I do one to ones in my client’s homes. I help them with anything that they need, whether that’s calling their Internet service provider if they have issues. Or it can be fixing a phone for them, it’s endless the number of things I try and do for them!

What inspired you to start UnSavvy Strategy?

I used to work for major corporate companies, like Apple and AT&T. I saw that there was a big problem that wasn’t being addressed by anybody. And I felt inclined to do something about it because it was such a large problem.

How do the seniors respond to the lessons?

It’s actually really good! Most of the seniors really want to learn how to do everything with technology, it’s just that nobody has the patience or time to walk them through all of it. I was very surprised at actually how many of them want to sit down and learn and not just have me fix it. They want to learn how to do it for themselves.

What have been the biggest changes within the tech community over the last year and a half?

The last year and a half, going through COVID, was a nightmare! It showed everybody, even the seniors, that technology is a huge part of daily life and really the only form of communication. Even though it was a hard time, and definitely a struggle, I tried to do everything that I could, to make a difference and to help them talk to their families. It was a very busy year!

I think everybody from baby boomers upwards, 40 to 50 and older, it really showed how important technology was. That generation and up tends to shy away from technology and think that they don’t need it. COVID was a clear indicator that it is very much something that is necessary in today’s society!

Is that generation overlooked in terms of companies aiming products at them?

As far as devices and if they are made for them, there are tons of them! There are so many devices that they put out there for them to use. But what I find is that they are not aware of them. And if they are aware of them, they’re too scared to set them up! The anxiety around setting up any of these devices is just too much for them and they don’t think that they can do it, even if it is beneficial for them to use.

How do you think tech will develop in peoples lives and work over the next 5-10 years?

I think you can’t really function without it. It’s huge the way that it is and will be for as long as I can see. There are a lot of neat things that are becoming available that some people don’t like, but in the long run technology, to me, is fascinating and has really helped in multiple areas. I definitely see it just growing more and hopefully becoming easier for seniors to use.

Do you think its harder for women to get work in the tech industry?

I have, because I did used to work in corporate. While there, it would seem as though I was seen as the underdog with certain things. However, I’m the type that that doesn’t bother me at all! I do see less women trying to pursue their careers around tech because of things like that. But I’m not one of then who lets it stop me!

What development plans do you have for UnSavvy?

The first phase was making sure the seniors in my community were taken care of, before expanding to greater regions.

The second phase is to change the way major corporations handle customer service.  The entire structure is not setup to be supportive for senior customers and I’m going to fix that.

What is the best advice you have received?

If I can see it my heart, I can hold it in my hands. That advice keeps me going on the bad days.

What advice would you have for others in the tech industry? 

We all have something special to offer the tech industry.  I encourage everyone to embrace the unique abilities they have and find ways to improve the area you specialise in.

What would you like to be doing, and developing in your career over the next 5 years?

My short term goals are to make tech support more available to residents in independent living communities. My generation could be doing so much more for them, and I plan to make it a reality.

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