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    Exploring the Sextech brands to watch out for next year!


    The health tech industry is a space that has boomed over the past few years and has had an incredibly positive impact on most of us opening up more about our health and those certain embarrassing topics of health that we tended to shy away from.

    Yet, there is still the stigma against speaking out about anything related to sexual pleasure or sexual health problems. I wanted to share with you my top 3 brands to look out for in 2022 that can help combat both!

    First up:

    Mystery Vibe!

    Dismissal of women’s health concerns is still very prevalent in healthcare services, mainly due to the lack of interest in research and interest into female specific health problems. However, recently mystery vibe has challenged this with their vibrator, Crescendo which is an FDA registered medical device.

    This device helps women tackle Genito-pelvic pain disorder and research has shown that as much as 1 in 10 women can suffer from this and do not get the treatment needed from their healthcare provider.

    This powerful device works by applying the vibrations to the abdomen during period cramping and increasing blood flow, resulting in pain relief. Certainly not new to the market, but a device that needs a little limelight to make people aware that these types of products!

    sextech phone

    Touchy Feely Tech

    It’s 2021 guys, and we have been brought a DIY vibrator kit. It’s happening!

    Driven by trying to make people get more women excited about hardware; they are soon to launch the controversial kit that is not only for pleasure but also educational, could you ask for a more exciting way to learn tech?

    Founded by university student Alice Stewart from London. She was tired of the limited amount of DIY kits that were available for adults, especially women. As let’s face it the ‘do-it-yourself’ is mostly aimed at men. This is a great way to make women feel empowered and introduce them to the world of tech!


    Blue Heart

    Blue Heart is a digital sex therapy app that uses guided audio sessions to help get your libido back.

    The aim of this app is so that you can test your psychosexual education; and to hopefully be able to reduce sexual anxiety and to improve your sexual communication. Its not always easy to talk to your partner when you have these feelings of low libido; which can ultimately be either a chemical imbalance or a psychological issue.

    Since using Blue Heart for two weeks; statistics were shown that 105% were more satisfied with the amount of physical intimacy together and 70% more physically connected!


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