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    Culture: Sunni Hanbali Islam.

    It is very important to note that Qatar is different from the other nations in the region. It has always had a slightly different perspective than the other nations in the GCC. It has the largest US base in the region and was quicker in signing up to international organisations and agreements such as the changes made with the ILO and changes to their labour system such as the removal of the Khalfa/ sponsorship system.

    The government has invested in Universities and Healthcare and museums more heavily than other GCC nations instead of banking. Making the Qataris the best educated in the region per capita.

    Being the richest nation in the world per captain has allowed Qatar to weather the blockade that was placed on it by Saudi, Egypt and the UAE. Qatar has always had warmer relations with Iran than the rest of their GCC counterparts; it shares the largest Liquid natural gas field on the earth with Iran.


    Qatar has one of the best and most advanced healthcare systems in the world. Hamad Medical Corporation are the main provider of healthcare and have control of around 95% of provision. In 2017 they were the only organisation in the world that had achieved JCI accreditation in all their tertiary facilities.

    Primary Healthcare is managed by Primary Healthcare corporation and most GPs that work in Qatar work there, with some notable exceptions in Hamad’s Urgent care and ambulatory care departments.

    Life outside of the Hospital

    Life outside of the hospital is Qatar is very similar to that in the UAE, alcohol is legal, fine dining is available and there is plenty of shopping to be had. The winters are mild, but the summers are too hot with June until August being very difficult to bear outside activities. As either a desert or an urban area there is not much countryside to speak of but as a coastal city there is plenty to be done in the water with marinas, sailing, fishing and other activities like it.  There is still an issue with driving in the area and you must remain vigilant whilst driving. 

    The provision of education is excellent, most of the international schools follow either the British, American or IB system and of there is assistance often provided by the organisation you work with.

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