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    Primary Care new

    We round up all the news and stories in Primary Care this week.

    Further research into COVID

    At the start of the week, we covered a story about further developments relating to COVID. These developments mapped out the severity of COVID symptoms that different people might experience.

    Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox, a GP and Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and General Practice; has been the lead researcher on a project to estimate a person’s individual risk of COVID. This model uses anonymised data of age, medical conditions, and ethnicity; to predict the likelihood of an individual getting COVID and their chances of hospitalisation.


    Looking after your mental health

    We have covered many stories recently pertaining to the pressures GPs and Primary Care practices are under at the moment. We need to look after our mental health every day, especially at the moment.

    All of these pressures will have an impact on your mental health, as a practitioner. To tackle this issue, we have spoken to GP, Clara Yip, who has provided a guide on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing.

    Read the full article below, let us know your thoughts and tips on what you do, to keep your mental health in check.

    A Guide to looking after your mental health

    Heart hands

    Test and Trace and Primary Care

    We looked at a news article that stated the Professor of global health and sustainable development at University College London, had stated, that GPs and Primary Care should have been funded at the start of the pandemic, to oversee the test and trace system.

    Anthony Costello has gave examples in the article, that this could have actually saved money, compared to what has been spent on the system so far. Would GPs and Primary Care have been able to cope with the added workload and pressure this would have resulted in?

    Read the full article here




    Great Feedback!

    Patrick received some great feedback from a Practice he had worked with where they stated they had been trying to recruit a GP for over a year with no success. At that point they enlisted our help, and Patrick found them an idea GP who they employed! This goes to show the time and hard work we can save practices when looking for their next GP.

    Here is the full testimonial:

    “We had been trying to recruit a salaried GP over a year when Menlo park contacted us. Although wary of the cost we felt that we had nothing to lose and agreed to give it a try.

    Patrick at Menlo Park proved to be so professional and a pleasure to work with.

    Hopefully we won’t be recruiting again for a while but I would use them again without hesitation and would definitely recommend Menlo Park.”


    Finally, there may be no trick or treating this year, but we hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!



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