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What do patients want from their GPs?

On Monday we highlighted an article from the University of Bristol, looking at the relationship between patients and their GPs. It used to be the case that patients would often see the same doctor each time they visited the surgery, however this is often no longer possible. The report found that what patients wanted most, was to be “trusted and respected by their GP”

Read the article in full here

Call to all future nurses!

England’s chief nurse has called on the students receiving their A-Levels to consider studying nursing. The interest in application to study nursing is already high, with the number of young men applying at the highest it has been for 5 years.

Young adults have been dubbed the “COVID Generation” due to the effects the pandemic is likely to have on their futures.

Read the article in full here

End-to-end patient care

GP Practices will be able to use an online toolbar, giving them quick access to the platforms of eConsult Health, Q doctor and Cognitant. This will enable practices to “manage the entire patient journey from one screen and provide fully integrated triage”

Read the article in full here

Disability in the NHS

“Negative attitudes to disability in medical education, training and workplaces must be challenged, as the new BMA survey identifies”.

A BMJ article highlighted the issues of people with disabilities working within the NHS

Full article

What Primary Care news stories caught your eye this week?

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