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    How practices have coped…

    At the start of the week, we highlighted the news story of a GP practice in Chippenham. The article shared how they have adapted throughout the pandemic.

    The story is one we have seen repeated across the UK. Practices have adjusted their ways of working to provide a safe environment for patients and staff. As a result of the pandemic, GPs have had to adopt new software to enable remote consultations, some of which as we highlighted in the Chippenham practice, have conducted care home visits remotely, meaning residents didn’t need to leave their room.

    It’s been great to highlight stories like this, that show the hard work and dedication of GPs. This emphasises how GP practices up and down the country work so hard all the time, well done to all healthcare employees, we think you are doing a brilliant job!

    Georgina at Menlo Park said; “Primary care should be praised more with how they have got through this pandemic! From government guidelines changing everyday and having to keep up, will have proved to be very stressful! Some practices have also been thrown into new software and had to learn how to adapt quickly to a very technology driven way of working. Well done to everyone working within primary care!”

    Ciaran added; “This story serves as an excellent example of how GP surgeries can operate a very efficient and productive service during the pandemic! Well done to the whole team working there!”

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    A Reduction in the number of full time GPs

    Full time GPs in Primary Care have decreased by 1% (277) as reported by the BMA. There are approximately the same number of full time GPs practices now, as there were in 2018.

    The figures are a concern, as the workload for GPs has been increasing, and will continue to do so as we head into the busy winter months. Furthermore, the government has pledged to deliver 50 million appointments annually, equating to a 16% increase.

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    Funding to recruit nurses

    NHS England has reported that hospitals, mental health and community trusts in England will receive a “multi million pound boost” to help recruit more nurses.

    Preparations for winter, along with COVID, bringing all other routine appointments and addition mental health issues related to the pandemic are putting a huge strain on the healthcare system. The funding to recruit more nurses aims to bring international nurses and midwives to join the NHS frontline.

    The Centre for Mental Health estimates, that at least half a million more people in the UK may experience mental health issues as a direct result of COVID. As a result, the funding will offer additional support to tackle this.

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    GP Practice merger

    On Thursday, it was good news for the Forest of Dean, as two GP Practices could be set to merge. As a result of the merger, the £5.4million surgery will be equipped to serve 15,000 patients. The new practice, is subject to planning, but if accepted, is due to open in Coleford in 2022.

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