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    Women’s Health – Pregnancy


    Pregnancy apps today bring expectant mothers’ choice, information in real time and most importantly the help and support they need.

    They do this through the introduction of technology, which has significantly changed the landscape forever.

    Some companies are specific to an area of pregnancy and others have chosen to be there at the beginning, middle and beyond into the first year of the baby’s life.

    We have looked at five top tech companies who are doing just that.

    Move Your Bump 

    Move your bump is a pre- and post-natal fitness and nutrition-based company.

    Whatever your fitness level you will be given a workout and nutrition support to your specific needs. It has even proven helpful in alleviating back pain and fatigue.

    They use the most recent reliable research, delivered by a team of industry experts, and fully aligned with guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

    Hypnobirthing · Mom 

    This app will guide you through a natural, drug-free pregnancy and birth using hypnosis, meditation, and affirmations.

    All their techniques are scientifically proven to help reduce pain during labour and make giving birth easier for both mother and baby.

    Take a look at their YouTube video. 

    Included in the app is also a pregnancy baby tracker with weekly updates for each pregnancy stage.

    Sprout Pregnancy

    Sprout create their award-winning apps through marrying robust tools, functionality and content with clean, attractive design.

    Spout pregnancy is the only app that features, Next Generation Interaction. This lets you experience your baby’s world in detail from real-to-life interactive movements, kicking, heartbeat and more.

    Pregnancy Tracker

    My pregnancy Tracker is a comprehensive app that tracks and provides detailed information on the development of your baby at each week of pregnancy.

    This can be integrated to other healthcare professionals who are supporting you through this journey. By giving reminders for appointments, contractions tracking sent to your doctor and high-quality ultrasound images with detailed descriptions.

    Who’s Your Daddy?  

    In our final tech company we took a look at one for the dads. How their experience of it can be different to that of the mother.

    Who’s your daddy breaks down pregnancy for men and helps understand what is happening during the nine months of pregnancy.

    They do this by regular tips, guidance and explanations through humour that empower men to take an active part in the process.


    Ultimately whether you are looking for baby names, health advice, or just a way to track your progress, one of these apps is sure to fit.

    Tech has made the journey of pregnancy easier more enjoyable and interactive.  Through data input and output tech has educated expectant parents about everything they might need and more.

    However sometimes things don’t go the way we expect. There are speciality apps out there that deal with these topics such as pregnancy loss. Parla is one of those apps.

    For women who find it difficult to understand what was going on with their body and find trusted support. This company was inspired by personal experiences of pregnancy loss and trouble conceiving.

    They are aiming to change the narrative on fertility and pregnancy loss.

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