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    Podcast Episodes for GP Partners

    Our podcast, Illuminating Primary Care, hosts a variety of guests covering topics across primary care. We’ve featured GPs, Allied Health professionals and GP Partners, so there’s something for everyone to listen to!

    Here are a selection of episodes aimed at GP Partners.

    The Real Impact of the Investment and Impact Fund

    We speak to Dr Valeed Ghafoor, GP Partner in Blackpool to discuss Primary Care Networks, the Investment and Impact Fund (IIF), it’s effects on Primary Care providers, and how it can be improved on.

    Prioritising Wellbeing, Physical and Mental Health for Employees and Patients Alike

    Kirsty Morris speaks to Managing Partner Juliette Norton about their fantastic new practice, where employee and patient wellbeing is the driving force for their innovation.

    Top Five Tips for PCNs Struggling to Recruit

    Jasmine Kaur is joined by Tara Humphrey, Primary Care Network Management Specialist. They discuss recruitment tips for PCNs, and what the future holds for primary care networks.

    How did a village practice become one of the biggest GP Partnerships in the UK?

    James Truswell and Managing Partner David Clark discuss how a traditional GP Partnership has grown from a one-site 11,000 patients to a six-site 70,000 patients in seven years.

    Coming Soon

    A new episode is coming soon – ‘How A GP Surgery Became Google’s Highest Rated’. David Murphy speaks to Dr. Nabeel Arshad, GP Partner at The Brooke Surgery, discussing:

    • What changes practices can make to improve patient satisfaction
    • How to improve your practice’s Google reviews
    • Why and how practices can use social media to engage with the local community
    • How changes in their system have impacted GP recruitment, job satisfaction and workload

    The episode comes out Friday 22nd December across all major streaming platforms and YouTube, so don’t miss it!

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