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    Women’s Health – Periods and cycling tech


    If you do some maths, you will see that a person who has periods and cycles will spend nearly 10 years of their life on their period.

    Now more than ever the pressure to be environmentally conscious by reducing waste and seeking alternatives to plastic, all whilst managing the effects your period has on your body, mind, and wallet.

    Luckily there are companies innovating and transforming the heath tech space around periods.


    Celmatix are transforming women’s lives through better ovarian health by addressing areas of high unmet need.

    1 in 3 women have conditions caused by poor ovarian health which are often treated with outdated hormonal interventions.

    So Celmatix is developing the next generation of interventions and pioneering advancements in ovarian health.

    Eve by Glow 

    Eve by Glow is a period tracking app from app developer Glow. This app is for menstruators who want to track their period and sex habits without placing an emphasis on ovulation or trying to get pregnant.

    They do this by uniquely applying the power of data science to your health.

    Other apps by Glow are:

    Glow: Get pregnant, Glow Nurture: Follow your parental health and Glow baby: Supports your child’s health.


    MyFLO is a period tracking and hormone-balancing tool that tracks your body’s cyclical, biochemical hormonal patterns.

    This unique and proven method of living in alignment with your body’s neuro-hormonal patterns has helped thousands of women eliminate symptoms, feel good all month, and live their best life.

    This is a fantastic tool for anyone from puberty to menopause!


    Flo uses artificial intelligence to create more accurate cycle predictions, so as you add more data to the app the more accurate the predictions.

    They do this to help girls and women to prioritise their health.

    Flo also provides a variety of wellness guides written with the help of medical professionals on topics such as menstrual cycle length and menstrual cramps.

    Pure Rosy

    Pure Rosy believe that every period is unique. Whether your periods are full, light, or fall somewhere in-between, their period underwear are designed to fit your flow.

    In addition to period underwear they have partnered with D.A.R.E Women’s Foundation to create, The Maggie Fund.

    Pure Rosy together with The Maggie Fund have helped to supply young girls in Tanzania with underwear so that they can continue to go to school during their period!


    At some point in their life half the population will get their period, yet it is a hugely under researched and talked about subject.

    Many still do not have access to period products, putting them at risk. Others are seeking alternatives to the single-use plastic pads and tampons.

    No matter who you are, if you have cycles you want choices that reflect your unique body and stage in life.  This is where health tech can really improve the quality of periods, their symptoms, cycle stages and products used.

    Exciting times for tech businesses in this sector.

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