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    28% of GPs think that the general knowledge patients have on the symptoms of the menopause are below average

    Menopause knowledge

    Our recent nationwide survey showed that 28% of GPs felt that the knowledge patients had on the symptoms of the menopause were either below average, or far below average.

    The recent campaign by Davina McCall highlighted that there is a need for a better understanding and better support for women, at this stage in their life.

    There are many resources available to people experiencing symptoms, however the difficulty arises when there is not enough awareness of what the symptoms are, as individuals may put their symptoms down to something like depression or fatigue.

    There are many apps, platforms and resources available to people, to support them and provide advice, but if people don’t know that the symptoms they are experiencing are a result of the menopause, they might not seek out these resources, therefore an increase in awareness is essential to improving the lives of those going through this.

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