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Welcome to our new news round up. Each week we will bring the round up of the news and developments within the Medical Device industry.

As always, we’re happy to have feedback, so if we have missed anything important, let us know!


Keeping patients safe    

At the start of the week, we covered a fascinating article about the use of technology in keeping new born babies safe. Babies are given bands with ‘radio-frequency identification’ tags. These are worn around the ankle and prevent accidents like switching babies at birth, or worse, being abducted.

The aim of the device, apart of course from keeping babies safe; is to offer peace of mind to parents.

The RFID toll is used for other purposes in hospitals as well, including infection control, and real time location of devices.

Read more about this here


Knowledge sharing with the NHS

An article in the Cambridge Independent, reported about MedTech CONNECT. This is being used to connect NHS professionals and the MedTech industry.

Charlie, our Divisional Manager of Medical Devices, said:

“KOL engagement during your product development stage is vital for every organisation, with limited access and travel now, this could be a great solution and allow quick engagement. Going forward this could allow for a more comprehensive process with real-time product feedback and needs analysis.”

Real time feedback will be vital for a more efficient healthcare system going forward.

Here’s the article in full, let us know what you think.


2021 Predictions

As we enter the new year, articles are forming, predicting the 2021 landscape for the industry. reported that 2020 showed a slowing down of the industry mergers and acquisitions; but look set to pick up this year.

As the events of 2020 developed, the MedTech mergers and acquisitions market reportedly dropped in deals from 43bn to 31bn (

As a result of the pressures of the pandemic begin to ease, with global vaccinations are underway, there is hope for the industry that things will begin to improve. What are your predictions? Is it even feasible to make predictions at this time? Let us know your thoughts.


Remember to check our website each week for news and events from the industry.

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