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    Nursing standards, technology behind the vaccine and Lancet study

    Welcome to a new week of news! Catch up with all the news stories we covered last week.

    General Practice Nursing Standards

    At the start of last week, we looked at an article from The Queens Nursing Institute about the ‘voluntary standards for education and practice’.

    The article points out how the role of the general practice nurse has evolved over the years, and with the evolution comes the need for specialist knowledge and skills.

    The Queens Nursing Institute has published a set of ‘voluntary standards’ for all nurses who are new to general practice, and additionally, they have published standards for those nurses in a senior position.

    Find all the standards here

    Technology behind the vaccine

    We looked at an interesting article last week that covered the details and the tech behind the COVID vaccination.

    Since December, 3 vaccines have been authorised, including the Pfizer/BioNtech, Oxford-Astra Zeneca and Moderna. The UK is already well underway in their mass vaccination programme, with over 8 million people already vaccinated against the virus.

    Measure have been put in place across GP surgeries , including EMIS, TPP, Vision and Microtest to ensure patients Summary Care Records and appointments can be access for each person at the vaccination sites. Measures have also been put into place to ensure no one will received duplicate request to come for the vaccination, including the flu jab.

    Read more here

    Covid Vaccine

    Health Inequalities

    The RCGP published a response to the research by The Lancet into the inequalities faced by Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in society. The RCGP stated in the response that this is issue needs to be faced across the entire NHS.

    The other point the RGP raised was this this inequality not only concerns the situation surrounding COVID, but also that of a much larger ‘society-wide’ concern.

    For more information from the RCGP, read the response here


    A step towards a better future

    At the end of the week, we announced our new initiative. We are going to plant a tree on behalf of every client and candidate we place in a new role.

    At Menlo Park we’re passionate about the environment. We understand that there are always things that companies can do better. With this in mind; we decided we wanted to make a positive impact on the world with what we do as a company. So, for each person that we find their ideal role, or for each company that we find a new valued team member; Menlo Park will be planting a tree on their behalf.

    We have always strived to use eco products for our merchandise. So, this is just another area where we can try to make a difference.

    We will continue to try to improve our process for the good of the environment.


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