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An overview of the industry 2022

There is no denial that 2022 has had a rocky start regarding funding for the Health Tech industry. Whether that’s due to restrictions being lifted, transitioning to a world again with more in-person appointments and transactions, or global conflict causing mass inflation. Furthermore, investors became more bearish on the stock market, which means less support in certain areas.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, New York continues to showcase why it’s the hub for this innovative industry. There is a bunch of notable companies that have had some successful rounds of funding and are continuing to create intelligent infrastructures that are truly extraordinary.

Let’s take a look at some of these great companies.

Tomorrow Health

Raised $60m in June 2022, taking its total raised to $92.5m

Tomorrow Health is a home-based care company addressing the challenges that have left patient care falling through the cracks.  As 1 in 4 Americans now requires home-based care, there is a huge opportunity to make improvements and efficiencies to the way this is delivered.  Tomorrow Health addresses these challenges with a technology solution that seamlessly connects all necessary parties to make quality home-based care a reality. The company matches patients with suppliers spanning 40,000+ products and services and considers quality, specialization, insurance coverage, and geography in its technology-driven matching process. As a fully integrated solution, Tomorrow Health tracks and manages every step of delivering at-home care, from prescription to insurer billing to fulfillment, streamlining processes for every stakeholder.  They are looking to use the funding to expand partnerships with national and regional health plans, grow into new markets and invest in its market-leading technology.


Particle Health

Raised $25m in a Series B round July 2022

Engineered by engineers for engineers, Particle Health is on a mission to change lives by enabling simple and secure access to actionable healthcare data for digital health innovators.  They are making health data interoperability a reality.  Shaping the new standard for healthcare data exchange with a user-friendly API platform, creating intuitive experiences for developers, building scalable infrastructure product teams love, and collaborating with innovative leaders to launch data-driven healthcare solutions.  With the added funding, it will expand the capabilities of its already user-friendly analytics products to add even more robust datasets to its portfolio, facilitate the development of its partner platform and expand its customer service and engineering teams.


Raised $16.5m Series A round July 2022

Healthie, which offers tech infrastructure for virtual care and digital health companies, raised $16 million having previously raised $1.9m in pre-seed and seed funding.

Healthie is a comprehensive software that serves as the underlying infrastructure for digital health organizations of all sizes that seek to offer best-in-class, customizable experiences and scale a provider network for longitudinal care delivery. Healthie offers a fully brandable web and mobile platform and an API layer for Onboarding, Booking, Engagement, and EHR capabilities. They also offer a built-in marketplace of business and clinical integrations used by our organizations and enable the next generation of healthcare builders to avoid recreating the wheel to launch and scale engaging healthcare experiences to improve outcomes

They are looking to use the funding to strengthen the platform with the goal of changing patient outcomes at scale by empowering their customers to change how consumers receive healthcare and how providers deliver care.

Flume Health

Raised $30m Series A Round March 2022

Flume Health is the first digital platform for health plan administration, replacing traditional TPAs and empowering challengers and established healthcare companies to design and launch powerful next-generation, personalized health plans. A Health-Plan-as-a-Service, Flume eliminates the complexity of designing, managing, and launching personalized healthcare plans. Companies can leverage Flume’s Health-Plan-as-a-Service operating system to take on the difficulties of delivering personalized health plans, allowing plan providers to focus on member experience.

Flume’s health plan administration tool is built on modern digital architecture and enables companies to deliver individualized health plans and personalized healthcare at scale.  They are focussed on enabling payers to launch incredible new health plans that save money and drive better outcomes.


Raised $11m Feb 2022

Mission-driven to alleviate unnecessary suffering by bringing mental health care into the modern era of medicine. They have combined AI, behavioral sensing, and the supercomputing platform of the mobile phone to measure mental health status, predict deterioration in mental health up to a week in advance, and digitally intervene with highly personalized care.

The HealthRhythms app uses smartphone sensors to passively measure behavior relevant to mental health and leverage AI to assess an individual’s mental health status. Biomarkers derived from machine learning translate a user’s daily activity—including sleep, physical exercise and movement, and social engagement—into insights into that patient’s health and functioning.


Raised $17m January 2022 completing its Series A after a $20m raise in 2021

Talkiatry is a leading mental health care company that provides high-quality psychiatric care, responsibly. They provide personalised mental health care designed to make you feel better faster.  It works with major insurance companies and Medicare to provide in-network care on an outpatient basis and since its launch in April 2020, Talkiatry has provided over 70,000 visits and continues to grow. Talkiatry is headquartered in New York City and employs top psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners curated among the country’s finest healthcare providers.

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