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    Currently, Healthtech is booming with lots of AI companies revolutionizing what we thought we knew about tech. AI-driven technology can make predictions and diagnose treatments based on this, which is allowing medical professionals to focus on other areas without added stress.

    The lives that AI can save will only increase as the years go on due to its current advancements and the Global Healthcare AI Market stood at $0.95 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $19.25 billion by 2026.

    Let’s discuss the real game-changers!


    Unlearn was founded by scientists with the goal to impact patients’ lives with machine learning and a highly curated dataset of historical trials. Through their intuitive tech, they manage to create new drugs efficiently and swiftly, so healthcare providers can save lives. Unlearn is the only company that is creating TwinRCTs, which essentially is combining AI and Digital Twins, all to allow more effective clinical trials.

    This start-up was founded in 2017 and since then, it has raised $50 million in a series B funding round and now has a total funding amount of $69.9. n 2020, Unlearn has been named a CB Insights Digital Health 150 Company and the winner of the Innovation Showcase at CNS Summit(crunchbase)


    Now here is one to stick your teeth into, if you pardon the pun, as they’re a dental artificial intelligence company on a mission to enhance clinical care. They have the credentials for it, considering that they were recognized by Forbes as one of the top AI companies shaping the future. By using AI, they can make solutions for real-world issues in oral health and establish what clinical care is required. 

    Overjet is made up of engineers, scientists, dentists, and machine learning experts, all to create innovative tech that can shape the future of dental care with AI. The company is very precise with its calculations, which is why some of the largest DSOs and insurance companies come to them for their data analytics. Furthermore, they understand the significance of security and privacy, ensuring that data is always protected.

    Overjet has $77.4M total funding and 7 investors.


    The company was founded by Daphne Koller, the mission for Insitro was to converge machine learning and biology, so improved medicines for patients can be created. She has been honored as one of Inc’s 100 most promising female founders. “Drug discovery and development is getting harder and more expensive, leaving many patients without effective therapies. At the same time, over the last decade, a revolution in machine learning has enabled solutions to problems I thought intractable during my lifetime” – Daphne, Founder & CEO. 

    The company relies on tools of biology and data sets optimized for machine learning to generate high-level data. Through this, they’re able to discover new drugs that are effective and will not be at an extortionate cost to patients and the healthcare industry. Insistro wants to have a major impact on many diseases and predict clinical outcomes.

    This biotech company has total funding of $743M currently and 20 investors.

    Caption Health

    Caption Health’s mission is to detect disease early with the use of artificial intelligence and ultrasound and do it in a cost-effective manner. They want to prevent any hospitalizations and it can be done via handheld ultrasound containing AI technology, which enables a healthcare professional to identify the disease and act on it promptly.

    Their turnkey platform enables healthcare workers to provide echocardiograms for patients’ settings such as their homes. By having these early detections, they can take an unnecessary, expensive hospital trip out of the equation and feed through valuable information that can save lives. A non-invasive heart ultrasound is scheduled, then the healthcare worker will scan a patient in their home, and they’ll provide them with the heart results within 96 hours.

    This Californian company has $62.4M of funding and 19 investors.


    CloudMedx is a team of engineers, data scientists, and doctors, and the foundations of the company were based on the founder’s father, that was wrongly diagnosed and almost caused a near-death experience. Therefore, CloudMedx was born and its mission is to use machine learning and help to provide more precise care. 

    Their learning platform is providing insights into complex health conditions and gaining an understanding of what resources are required to combat them. They are supporting the top hospitals and payers in the country by integrating natural language understanding (NLU) and deep learning with major EHRs and healthcare organizations nationwide. Also using deep learning with the aim to extract key clinical concepts

    CloudMedx has introduced its new ONE platform, which is a healthcare box providing apps, APIs, and various other optimized needs.

    They have a total funding of $7.3M and 9 investors.

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