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    How technology is bringing help and support to people going through the menopause

    menopause tech


    Menopause Tech

    This year, World Menopause day falls on Monday 18th October. The purpose of World Menopause Day is to raise much needed awareness of all aspects of the menopause. It is also a time to share and highlight amazing companies that are providing support and options to people going through this stage in their life. Over 1 billion women across the world will have experiences perimenopause by 2025 and the industry represents $600 billion spending opportunity.

    Menopause tech is finally becoming more available and accessible to people across the world. We take a look at some innovative and inspiring companies bringing Menopause tech to people in this stage of their life.

    Elektra Health

    Elektra Health were set up with the aim of ‘smashing the menopause taboo’. They are passionate about bringing the latest, and importantly trusted sources to ‘change the culture around menopause’.

    Elektra Health off women a wealth of options to help them navigate their way through this stage in their life. They offer workshops and events, access to board-certified doctors, evidence based information and guidance as well as a community in which women can come together and connect with one another to help and offer support.

    Lisa Health

    Located in San Francisco, Lisa Health are using tech and medicine to provide women with data and science-backed therapeutics to support them through this journey.

    On their website, you can become part of a community, take an assessment to establish at what stage you are in your journey, and access lots of useful resources.

    Lisa Health provides links to articles, studies and research into the menopause and is a great resource for people looking for more information on the topic.

    menopause tech


    Thermaband have developed a wearable device to help with the temperature issues as a result of going through the menopause. The stylish device is worn around the wrist like a watch, and uses AI technology to detect changes in your body temperature.

    A common effect the menopause has on the body is hot flashes and night sweats, the Thermaband detects body temperature and provides reacts to this, providing thermal relief with digital insights from that app. It can provide both cooling and warming sensations to the wrist.

    The company was founded by a mother and daughter duo. Find out more about their product below.


    Vira aim to improve the collection and use of data in female healthcare. The company uses an app called Stella to provide women with evidence based treatments. They offer tailored treatments for you,  including CBT, lifestyle changes, diet advice and pelvic floor exercises.

    Their app aims to ‘make a real difference to quality of life now and in the future’

    Find out more about Vira here:

    Find out more about the Stella app here:


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