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    We covered the US industry for mental health tech companies, now check our picks for the UK!

    With the world’s pandemic state over the last few years, lockdowns with induced loneliness, and increasing suicide rates across the globe, the need for mental health tech has only intensified. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year in England, and 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week. ( 2017). We look at 5 UK mental health tech companies.

    Let’s talk about some companies that are leading the way in the industry:


    The company was founded in 2015 and it aims to use technology and data to redefine how mental health needs are identified and ensure the right treatment can be provided. PsyOmics wants to improve mental health by getting them onto the right care pathway the first time to get a smooth journey from the clinician.

    Their breakthrough was “Censeo Direct” which helps a patient understand what they’re going through a bit more. Allowing them to access their symptoms and receive a mental health summary, meaning that they can go on to what treatments they will need.

    The benefit to the app is the personalisation, as it’s created by psychiatrists and psychologists, with help from GPs and other people who have experienced mental health conditions.

    PsyOmics currently has a total amount of funding of $6.4m over 6 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 18, 2022, from a Venture – Series Unknown round (


    Thrive was founded in 2012, Dr. Andres Fonseca, consultant psychiatrist, and Dr. Adam Huxley were its co-founders and since then they’ve been pushing tech that can assist with a range of mental health issues. In 2014 they were the first to use augmented reality for mental health. The next augmented reality app was released, Agoraphobia Free, combatting the need to provide treatment for those with Agoraphobia.

    Thrive has supported over 2500+ organisations globally by 2019, it has 1.2m users and the majority of its growth has not even come from external funding, but just organic growth.

    The main app is designed to cater to day-to-day wellbeing, whilst also having the capability to support and intervene if it detects risks of certain conditions. It comes equipped with a range of tools for empowerment and wellbeing including CBT programmes, meditation, and a mood journal, just to name a few.


    Founded in 2020, its goal is to support mental health, as if it was taking care of physical health. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, or depression. They do this through a series of video lessons, hosted by experts that are rooted in neuroscience, in the hopes to reduce stress, get people to sleep better, and feel overall happier.

    The app also allows you to track your progress, so you can see your mood improve after each class you take, and you can set yourself goals for mindfulness.

    Users of the app state that it was beneficial for falling asleep quicker and dealing with stress after a long day of work. Whilst others have complimented its non-intimidating ways to practice mindfulness.

    Currently, it has £3.9m of funding, with 2 funding rounds, with the latest funding being raised on Oct 7, 2021.


    Clementine is an app-developing company that specializes in the empowerment of women, building confidence, and ensuring that mental well-being is being developed. Taking a formal-informal approach to creating a welcoming vibe for all.

    There are many forms of content on their app, including hypnotherapy and sleep sessions, which help place positive suggestions in your sleep routine, to their in-depth courses, which use multiple hypnotherapy techniques to help you tap into your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy.

    Motivational tips come in plenty, incorporating certain terminology into your day that will impact your well-being. The experts behind the app are master practitioners of cognitive hypnotherapy and implement a fair share of CBT techniques into the app features.

    Clementine has total funding of £1M over 1 round. This was a seed round raised on OCT 26, 2020.


    This company developed an app that is currently in its BETA phase called “Alena” and acts as your mental wellbeing companion, using psychology, neuroscience, and machine learning to gain an understanding of the individual’s mind and provide them with the right solutions.

    Its ambition is to become the leading mental health platform and help those that suffer from social anxiety, helping them overcome it with evidence-based therapy.

    Social anxiety has well-understood cognitive processes that drive it, a science that they bring to you via Alena. In the app, you will be playing simple games to assess these processes. Based on your results, Alena creates a personalised path to help you understand yourself better, and provide you with behavioural therapy that is designed to help you break free from anxiety.

    The founding date was 2019, raising £540k in March 2021, at a pre-money valuation of £1.5m (

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