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    Technology promoting inclusivity

    Companies providing Inclusive technology and support     

    Health tech is redefining the future for trans people and anyone within the LGBTQ+ community.

    These companies know their consumers are seeking specific healthcare professionals who are clinically competent and culturally competent.

    We decided to share our top five tech companies leading the way in Trans Digital Health.


    Plume is the first and largest Health Tech company built for the transgender community.

    Their mobile app gives their users access to gender-affirming care, medication, and products for the trans community.

    They believe the trans community has long been denied the healthcare it deserves, and Plume is changing that.

    Queerly Health

    Queerly Health’s vision is to see a world where all healthcare settings are affirming, supportive, and inclusive spaces for every LGBTQ+ person.

    This NYC-based digital health start-up combines teams of vetted and trained practitioners with the latest in digital health.


    FOLX is a completely online model that allows non-binary and transgender individuals to bring the process of hormone replacement therapy straight to their home.

    Founder and CEO of FOLX believes Queer and Trans people should feel seen, heard, and celebrated in healthcare.

    In the future this platform is looking to move into areas like sexual health and family planning which is great news.


    QSPACES is a community platform where people are connected to providers who are LGBTQ+ friendly.

    Many of the community were using social platforms to share information on LGBTQ+ friendly doctors, thus creating the inspiration for this platform.

    Their database is created by the LGBTQ+ community who leave ratings, reviews and even add new providers found to be supportive.

    Included Health

    Included Health is a platform that connects people with providers by booking appointments from a pre vetted list.

    Also, they provide a service that translates and navigates insurance coverage questions and other complex needs across a care team.

    Consiquently their users therefore know they will be getting queer-friendly care.


    Many tech start-ups have been created from pain points within the current healthcare system and the need to bridge the gaps.

    The continuing success of these companies shows there is a huge appetite for selecting health professionals and tech that the consumer can identify and feel safe with.

    Increased attention in funding and investment is what this area of health tech would benefit from.

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