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    Thrive Wearables Ltd, Improving life through wearable technology

    Thrive Wearables

    We chat with Shashi Pandya, Head of Grants and Partnerships at Thrive Wearables, all about her experience, her advice to others and how Thrive Wearables Ltd are improving life through wearable technology.

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    Can you introduce yourself and tell me about your current role?

    I am the Head of Grants and Partnerships portfolio at Thrive Wearables. My role is helping develop our innovative ideas into suitable concepts for Grant applications. I scan the open and upcoming funding calls and select the ones suitable for Thrive’s proposition. Also, I look into collaborators/partners who have synergy with our proposition and compliment our capabilities

    Can you tell us a bit more about Thrive Wearables?

    I would like to share a presentation about Thrive Wearables (see video above)

    How did you identify that startups in particular needed this extra help and assistance?

    Startups are very cash-strapped because they have to put lots of time and resources to get to the Investment ready stage. Grant funding is one of the favourable options for startups to de-risk some of their cash investment and also it helps to gain credibility and visibility. But applying for grants is a very time intensive, laborious process, therefore the companies hire either a person or an agency to write the Grant application

    What are the types of companies you help?

    We help startups who wish to develop early prototypes and who are seed funded. Additionally, we also provide help to scale up for SMEs or corporates who have the technology but are resource-constrained and are looking to outsource. We work on technology strategies, research and feasibility studies, developing a functional prototype and with user testing and trials.

    What are the main challenges start-ups are facing at the moment in this industry?

    The main challenges for startups are finance and hiring the people with the right skills. Due to Covid there have been additional challenges like disruption to the supply chain, remote working and keeping the team motivated.

    What would you like to see developing over the next few years within the health tech and wearable industry?

    Since last year we all have endured changes to our lifestyle. New opportunities have emerged during the pandemic for wearable products, with many product types designed for remote patient monitoring in acute care settings, allowing clinicians to monitor vital signs in times of social distancing. In more general settings, wearables would be more geared to help us maintain good health.

    I see very favourable conditions for development of wearables in health and well-being space due to rapid advancement in low power light weight electronics and internet connectivity which is now moving towards 5G.

    What inspired you to work in the wearable technology industry?

    I happen to be in this space due to my background in materials and sensors. The technology is moving towards more user-centric products in the healthcare and wellbeing sectors.

    What’s the best advice anyone has given you, that has helped with your career?

    My professor Dr Koklila Shah advised me to change university for my PhD and I moved from commuting distance to a 10 hours train journey. This advice opened new opportunities for me going forward. The career advice which I followed and would give to others, is to move where you’ll have more opportunity to learn, grow and flourish

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