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    Technology supporting and helping people with heart health issues      

    Companies to look out for

    According to, there are around 30.3 million adults living in the USA who have been diagnosed with heart disease, and alarmingly, 647,000 Americans die each year from these conditions, making it the leading cause of death in the US.

    With April being the American Heart Associations ‘Move more together’ month, we have been looking at HealthTech companies that are utilising the ever evolving technology to support and assist people living with hearth heath conditions.



    Heartbeat was founded by cardiologist, Jeff Wessler. Dr Wessler, alongside a team of technology and healthcare experts, have created a platform to help companies to “proactively identify, treat and monitor moderate + high cardiovascular risk”

    Heartbeat help companies to create wearbale devices to create watches to help people monitor their heart health. They also work with companies to analyse data and provide the best solutions for the patients.


    STEMIcathAID was created by healthcare professionals working at Mount Sinai, based in New York. The app was created to help physicians to alert cardiologists at Mount Sinai to speed up the process of diagnosis for patients experiencing heart attack symptoms.


    Love my Heart for Women

    The app has been designed by Columbia University Medical Center. Deaths related to heart health issues are more common in women, than in men. So with this in mind, cardiologists created an app specifically for women to create a plan and monitor their health with the aim of avoiding issues in the future relating to their hearts. They state on their app that up to 90% of heart disease can be prevented!



    Coala have created heart monitoring platform and device for people to monitor their heart with ECGs, heart sounds and murmurs. The results from the device then connect with the platform to monitor and evaluate the results.

    The device offers the benefits of  instant analysis and results.

    It is great to see all these companies creating improved treatment, diagnosis and monitoring of heart issues, and aims to reduce the number of deaths caused by heart disease.

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