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    The Cradle of Liberty

    Boston Skyline


    Home to some of the worlds most renowned learning institutions, it’s no surprise that the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area’s HealthTech sector continues to flourish.

    The City on a Hill is essentially “the equivalent of Silicon Valley, but for the medical tech field,” as Gianluca De Novi, researcher at Harvard Medical School and director of medical devices at Massachusetts General Hospital, puts it. [1]

    With a number of exciting start-ups on the rise, the Greater Boston Area is perfectly poised for both young professionals looking to get their leg up on the HealthTech ladder, or veterans of the industry wanting to take their career to the next level.

    The Birthplace of Revolutions

    Having been founded in 1630, the city of Boston is one of America’s oldest precincts. Education, innovation, technology, and scientific research are all synonymous with the city. Once a market town that served as the meeting point for Patriots the night before the American Revolution, the city is no stranger to wild and dramatic change – reflected nowadays in its rapid advancement in the booming HealthTech market.

    Statue of Paul Revere

    Boston is one of the best STEM hubs in the United States, calling itself home to over 1,000 biotechnology companies, with these companies looking to have added several thousand more jobs by 2024. It goes without saying, the city of Boston is becoming increasingly prominent as a tech hub.

    HealthTech Companies to Look out for

    WHOOPCurrently in the national spotlight due to their Super Bowl advertisement featuring investor & Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, WHOOP is one of the latest evolutions of wearable tech.

    While similair in appearance to a smart watch, the wristband like device does not have a screen. Instead, it pairs with your smartphone, in order to give you stats on your key vitals, including your temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen level and more.

    Track athletes

    Founded in 2012 by Harvard University student athlete Will Ahmed, alongside John Capodilupo and Aurelian Nicolae, WHOOP has sprinted all the way to success, with it being valued at $3.6 billion after securing $200 million in a Series F funding round mid last year.[2]  This successful trajectory seems to be continuing, with the company making recent partnerships with the Rugby Players Association, Battle Cancer and – A health insurance company in the UAE.

    BiofourmisKnown for their AI-enabled care, Biofourmis have recently launched a new service under the name of Biofourmis Care, a service that allows the management of health conditions by expertly trained virtual care teams. The hope is that this will allow for a tailored management of prescriptions and other medical help all from the comfort of the home.

    The company were also recently selected by Vanderbit University Medical Center to support a clinical study into “the safety and efficacy of monitoring patients in a home-like outpatient setting after receiving a leading oncology drug”. [3]

    Valo – The newest company on the list, having been founded in 2019, Valo have made some exciting developments in drug research, through the use of machine learning technology. Cloud computing, molecular analysis, as well as longitudinal and human data are all used in tandem in order to predict the likelihood of success in drug development.

    Drug research

    Recently the company have announced a partnership with Charles River Laboratories, who are also Boston based[4]. The aims of the partnership are to combine both companies’ abilities to expedite the preclinical drug discovery workflow.

    With $500 million raised so far in funding, the company has a bright and exciting future to look forward to.

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