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    Recruitment is a process. Ours is made up of 6 stages:

    Locating the right candidate is never easy and no doubt 2020 and its effects will be felt in the health sector for years to come. We want the highest quality of care and in line with national objectives for the improvement of the healthcare system we provide the very best in medical staff. Now more than ever you must have a dynamic and proactive approach to doing so. Our proximity to centres of excellence here in the UK allow for us to stay connected with the best medical professionals in both primary and tertiary medicine.

    You cannot attract candidates you have not engaged with and this needs to be factored in from the very start of your recruitment journey. What attraction strategies have you got in place over and above your competition? When asked, salary is usually 3rd or 4th on the list of what candidates want.

    Knowing that there is a shortage of international medical graduates everywhere is crucial to your brand identity. Properly projecting the right image of your organisation, will safeguard your hiring process and your brand. Some of best organisations in the world have unwelcoming hiring processes. In depth feedback for interviews must be provided. It creates a healthier atmosphere for those that weren’t selected but might be selected at a later date. Handle these candidates carefully and they might be future hires.

    Having a solid and accountable process for document credentialling and licencing crucial. Talent is often lost here because of a lack of clarity and a step-by-step process as to how to get licenced.

    At Menlo Park we are confident that anyone introduced to is already pre-screened according to the needs of the local regulatory body before any submission. After an offer is accepted, we initiate compliance and ensure timely completion of PSV.

    At this stage whilst a candidate is secure in the knowledge that your organisation wants them to start, they often have questions. With most international candidates you’re moving more than one individual; you are moving a family. We prepare our candidates providing a starter pack. In each pack we provide information about schooling, accommodation, and municipal instructions for civil ID. These small touches make for a world of difference to candidate’s transition and therefore their tenure with you.

    The very best organisation is always reviewing the needs of their team by understanding what motivates them, what makes them happy and crucially what is making them dissatisfied. Menlo Park look to ensure that your candidates do not just start but stay by working together with our clients to ensure the tenure you want.

    Why should you use us?

    We reach where advertising does not

    We tap into different pools of candidates that normal advertising does not reach, as a result, we source candidates of a generally higher quality; the best candidates are not looking at jobs boards or advertisements, the very best candidate is not even looking for a new job and our approach will give you access to these individuals.

    Our advertising is more strategic

    This brings a more transparent process and allows for strategic manpower planning: headcount milestones, the creation of teams lower cost per placement. Our approach gives you the ability to move away from the contingency contracts that create a race to the bottom and reduce your ability to effectively plan and fill clinical gaps.

    We are experts at what we do

    By working on a project basis, we allow for a far more consultative and strategic relationship with our clients. We work proactively and scour the market. We combine the latest recruitment technology with knowledgeable consultants, to deliver first rate results, within surprising time-frames.

    There is evidence to show that candidates who are recruited through consultancies, often last longer than those recruited through adverts

    We work on a no-result, no-fee basis. If we don’t find your ideal candidate then it costs you nothing

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