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    GPs are currently working for an average of 10 hours and 50 minutes every working day

    Primary Care working hours

    GENERAL Practitioners across the UK are now working for 16% longer on a daily basis than prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new survey.

    GPs are currently working for an average of 10 hours and 50 minutes every working day, compared to 9 hours and 20 minutes daily prior to March 2020.

    The data has been gathered by Menlo Park’s November 2021 survey Tech & Primary Care: A Post Pandemic Panacea, which gave 11,000 GPs the opportunity to have their say on current general practice.

    In the last few months, it has been suggested in the national media that GPs are actually working less hours than pre-Covid, with some publications claiming that over half of GPs in England are “abandoning” their patients due to the switch to a more telephone-based approach and reduction in face-to-face appointments.

    However, the results from Menlo Park’s survey suggest this is far from the case, with the majority of responders claiming to work up to 90 minutes more than previously. GPs have a much higher workload now with a higher patient workload, higher admin workload and Covid vaccination clinics to run, and in addition a reduction in the GP workforce as well.

    In addition to the above, it has also been found in the survey that only 14% of GPs think there is currently sufficient support and provision in place to ensure a good long-term mental health for healthcare professionals and that general practice is becoming increasingly less attractive to work in.

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