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    Women’s Health – Fertility


    Reproductive health is a market leader in health tech and fertility is a large part of this.

    We all know the importance of looking after your health and sometimes life can get in the way of this.

    So planning a pregnancy can be a perfect time to evaluate everything from your body, mind and lifestyle.

    We have looked at five fertility tech companies who are helping women take control using the most advanced technology.


    OvuSense is designed to put you back in control of your fertility by helping you understanding your cycle pattern.

    Tracking this in real time helps monitor and understand the best time to try to conceive in each cycle.

    OvuSense are backed by clinical studies, publications and has a class II regulatory approval in USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia.


    Alife is building tools to improve the equity and efficacy of IVF through artificial intelligence.

    They do this by partnering the world’s top clinical and scientific institutions to utilise the benefits of technology to give their patients the best outcomes.

    breathe ilo

    breathe ilo is the worlds first fertility tracker that uses breath analysis to identify a woman’s ovulation pattern and fertile window.

    This company also invest 50% of their income in further developing and researching technologies for women. Fantastic!


    Parla was inspired by Lina Chan’s own experience with pregnancy loss and trouble conceiving.

    Using tech to connect with experts and others who understand the experiences people go through because looking at the body and mind in the fertility journey is a key part.

    By breaking taboos and making misinformation a thing of the past they are creating a space that empower women as they become the authority of their health and body choices.


    For our final fertility company, we look at Legacy the male side of the equation which can amount to 50% of the issues in conceiving.

    At Legacy they are seeking to uncover issues by analysing samples from the male and their lifestyle. They take all the data and combine this with a team of fertility specialist, doctors and help you better understand your sperms health.


    Fertility is emerging as one of the biggest growth sectors in health tech. Many start-ups  seeing an opportunity to bring easier, more comfortable and at home solutions to their consumers.

    So opening discussions and informing women about their bodies and how they can take control of their fertility journey will have a positive impact.

    The next focus is looking likely to be male infertility and endometriosis because there hasn’t been as much going on in areas like these. More AI, consumer wearables and non-hormonal devises and solutions will also get further attention.

    Another Menlo Park article which may interest you is Founder and CEO of Enhanced Fertility.  We spoke with Andreia Trigo about Enhanced Fertility, why she began the company, and what inspired her to help others though their fertility journey.

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