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    Speak to our team about opportunities matching your skills and goals within the Specialist Hospital Doctors Sector

    Experience our process

    Step 1

    Arrange a conversation with one of our consultants, about your qualifications, expectations and desired location and how we are going to go about getting you there.

    Step 2

    Having your new job in mind, we go out and begin to speak with healthcare groups on your behalf and leverage the relationships that we have with clients in the areas you have selected and come back to you with an update on vacancies that are relevant to you.

    Step 3

    Going through the pros and cons of each of the opportunities that have come up, we will then look to arrange interviews whether in person or digitally. Which we will be on hand to help with every step of the way.

    Step 4

    Once interviews are over, and you have chosen the job you want we will then begin the process of credentialling/ licencing applications. Depending on which part of the world you are going to move to, this process can be lengthy and is very rarely straight forward, but we will be on hand to assist as our consultants know who to speak with and where to be sending documentation etc.

    Step 5

    As you get closer to your start date, we will make sure that everything has been arranged, whether that is your visa, flights, airport pickups, medicals or the setting up of a sim card we will be sure to offer guidance.

    Step 6

    We will not just abandon you once you have your new role, we will be in contact for the first little while you are settling in. we will work alongside your employer to make sure that any transitions you must make are smooth as possible for you and the family.

    Back to the start

    Does it cost me anything to use Menlo Park?

    Our service is completely FREE of charge, however as you will likely be aware there are costs associated with moving to another part of the world such as logistical costs, visa processing and indeed the provision of your medical licence. In some instances, the hospital group that hires you will provide for some of these and will cover these costs though it is not always the case. Our team will be on hand to support you by directing you towards organisations that can help.

    Working with us to find your next international doctor role is simple, highly informative and supportive, every step of the way.

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