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    Why doctors should be a vital part of every HealthTech company

    Doctors and healthtech

    By Thomas Senchukov

    It’s not a secret, the HealthTech sector is booming right now, with the number of exciting, mission driven companies emerging more frequently than ever before. The future for this sector is bright and estimated to be worth more than $1.5tn

    However, hiring doctors is often not on the priority list for start-up founders. Let’s investigate why it should be a vital part of a recruitment plan for a successful HealthTech company.

    Doctors offer many skills and benefits, including:

    Knowledge of patient journey

    They understand patients and can help dramatically improve the user experience a patient has whilst using your app, which will massively help any Product Designers within the company and save a ton of time and money on research. Doctors will also be able to advise on any possible improvements.



    They will assist with fundraising, talking in depth about the product to potential investors and clarify and questions only a doctor would be able to answer clearly.

    Great communication skills

    They’ll be able to work across different teams across the business and help non-clinical staff understand any technical language in simple terms

    Strong network

    They will know other doctors and which is why it’s important to ensure you get this hire right. It will help you scale quicker than having to go to market, which saves valuable time!

    Javier Mendoza, a Gastroenterologist at GastroSur and Co-Director Digital Healthcare at OdiseIA , outlined further transferrable skills of hiring a healthcare professional:

    Analytic vision is the way in which we work. From evidence-based medicine to real word evidence nowadays.

    Ethics at work come from our Hippocrates Oathes, going through our day by day working with patients and we will extend to Ethics in Artificial Intelligence projects.

    Looking at the future. Try to help our patients with technology but keep the essence of our work. Taking care, empathy, and relationship between patients and MD.

    Team player

    To achieve better results in Health, we must work together as a team.

    He went on to say:

    “Four of many reasons to include medical doctors in

    Tech Health companies, part-time, full time, or only in specific projects.

    The future is a multidisciplinary team with a Healthcare professional

    inside it.”

    Your HealthTech start-up

    Having a doctor should be a top priority for many digital health start-ups looking to make their mark on the digital sector which is already highly competitive. Their influence and input can prove the difference between your company’s success or failure. Many company Founders believe investment in tech should come first and the believe getting that part should play a big part in success, whereas, many of the companies I work with are starting to realise that hiring a doctor to establish the roots and help cement the product offering is more important, prior to investing in expensive tech.

    You’ll also likely benefit from the passion a doctor can bring once they are given the opportunity to step into a new and highly exciting world of digital health, whereas software developers and other technologists may be less enthused if they have worked with the same tech elsewhere.

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