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    • Ruler: Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa 
    • Capital: Manama
    • Medical Regulatory Body: National Health Regulatory Authority 
    • Currency: Bahraini Dinar 
    • Constitutional Monarchy 
    • Population 1.5 million 
    • Demographics: 46% Bahraini 54% foreign
    • Religion:  Hanbali( Sunni) Jafari ( Shia) 

    Bahrain, officially the kingdom of Bahrain is made up of 51 islands and is the 3rd smallest nation in Asia just behind the Maldives and Singapore. A British protectorate from the 1800s until 1971, it was declared a constitutional monarchy in 2002.

    Bahrain has a large Shia population and is ruled by a minority Sunni government/ruling family. In the years since the Arab spring there has been some internal unrest as the Shia declare underrepresentation and demand a more democratic state. A recent study has showed that the division in Bahrain are far less dramatic than first thought; most issues whether foreign or domestic have consensus across both groups but differ on what to do with and what sort of relations to have with Iran.  Despite the issues with this the Bahrainis remain more progressive than some of the other nations in the area with female ambassadors to the UK and indeed Houda Nonoo was appointed ambassador to the united states and is the only female Jewish member of any government in the Gulf. 


    With the exception of emergencies in the public sector healthcare is comprised of an insurance provision model.  The standard of provision of care is high, with high numbers of foreign medical staff in both the public and the private setting. Clinical governance schemes that resemble the UK and outcomes that are high too. 

    • Bahrain healthcare spending for 2017 was $1,127, a 2.53% increase from 2016.
    • Bahrain healthcare spending for 2016 was $1,099, a 2.6% decline from 2015.
    • Bahrain healthcare spending for 2015 was $1,129, a 2.52% increase from 2014.
    • Bahrain healthcare spending for 2014 was $1,101, a 3.25% increase from 2013.

    The Job

    As a medical professional Bahrain you will likely be working the public or educational sector such as Salamnaiya Hospital or King Hamad University. Where you will be surrounded by other foreign medics working together in a setting that will resemble the UK or Europe both in terms of the quality of the provision of care and indeed the outcomes associated with facilities you are already familiar with working in. 

    Life outside the Hospital

     Life in Bahrain is much like what people have come to expect from Dubai or Abu Dhabi, with alcohol being legal and a healthy tourism industry and indeed the Bahrain F1 gran prix.  There is a large expatriate community with several schools to which you could send your children. Along with the other nations in the gulf it is very hot from June to August and so you will probably in line with your children’s summer holiday return home. The rest of the year is hot but the winter is mild and tends not to go beyond 30 degrees Celsius. Starting in 2008 Bahrain through its economic vision 2030 has pledged to pull its economy away from LNG and Oil based on the 3 principles of sustainability and competitiveness and managed by the Economic development board.

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