Why should you deal with Menlo Park?

There is so much choice at present, but please don’t assume one surgery is the same as the next!
Each practice is approaching the difficulties in General Practice in different ways…
Some practices are going to be a lot easier to work in than others; we know what to look out for, and we can provide you with this information prior to a visit, so you can make the best choice, first time round.
We remove the surprises and unknowns from the process, helping you to avoid wasting your time with a practice, that is not going to be compatible with your needs.
We listen, we won’t make any assumptions, even if the role we’ve discussed isn’t right just now, we’ll keep you informed about the right things in the future.
We handle exclusive vacancies, that simply aren’t being advertised elsewhere. Working with us means that you’ll have access to a higher percentage, of the quality vacancies, in your area.

Why do practices use us to recruit?

Just like you, practices want to make sure that they make the right decision, first time of asking. Recruiting the wrong health professional can be very costly to a GP surgery in terms of time and money. Conversely, hiring the right person/people has a massive, positive impact on the fortunes of a surgery; so it makes sense that recruitment is an important overall part of their business strategy.

GP surgeries respect the fact that Menlo Park are the only consultancy in the UK to focus solely on permanent positions, within primary care. They trust that our dialogue with candidates is very clear; we’re promoting a permanent, long-term career move. At a time where GP surgeries are looking to alleviate the burden of soaring locum costs, we provide a genuine solution that is going to help the surgery save money, improve quality and promote continuity for patients.

What should you expect from the recruitment process?

You’ll speak to one of our expert consultants about opportunities in your desired geographical location:

  • We’ll seek to understand your current circumstances, requirements and goals.
  • Once we understand your background and expectations, we’ll look to pair this with suitable opportunities in your area.
  • We’ll register your interest in roles that you are interested in, and give the surgery an idea of your expectations, prior to the first meeting; this way, everyone is on the same page.
  • We’ll be involved in interview feedback; gathering yours, and that of the surgery’s; in most cases, you would not get feedback from a first visit.
  • If you are successful, we will be involved in offer and contract negotiations, making sure that you understand and are 100% comfortable with the details.
  • We stay in touch with you for the first three months of your new role; we’re here to provide any support and guidance that you may need, during this period.

Does it cost me anything to use Menlo Park?

Our service is completely FREE of charge; working with Menlo Park to find your next primary care role, is simple, highly informative and supportive.

Why Register

  • Free, unbiased advice based on understanding the role in the context of your local market.
  • Detailed advice on the practice; way of working, work levels and patterns, environment, staff, remuneration.
  • Interview preparation and guidance; explaining the process and providing you with everything you need to make a great first impression.
  • Help with an offer and contract negotiation; making sure you are happy with the details and comfortable with the process.
  • Support through onboarding; providing third-party perspective – it is daunting starting work in a new place; we’re on hand to allay any concerns or smooth out any issues during this crucial period.


I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your assistance in finding my new post.


At the time you first made contact, I was in a bit of a rut and was at the pre-contemplation stage of change. You supported me in the completion of my CV, listened carefully and really understood my needs to address a better work-life balance.


The information you provided about the various suitable posts over the phone were always backed up with a formal email report. You were never biased and always provided the pros and cons of each post, and I commend you for your honesty. I was also grateful that you negotiated my contract on my behalf, spending the time to calculate the financial benefits of each post to help me make that final decision. Even then I didn’t go for the most profitable, as you quite rightly pointed out the team was a good fit for me.


Now, a year on in the post, the “honeymoon period” has passed and I really know my team. Both my husband and I have noticed a change, where I am less stressed, less over worked and in a better position to start my family. Whilst I appreciate that this is your job and that this is expected of you, your approach was exemplary. I truly mean it when I say you went the extra mile and you were my catalyst for change. I thank you for that. Your attitude, support, guidance, and commitment to finding the right job for me is outstanding and I am sure this work ethic will get you far.


You are an asset to Menlo Park, and an example of what a recruitment specialist should be.


Take care (and don’t work too hard!)

Dr Nadine Burrows - Salaried GP, Bishopston Medical Practice, Bristol

Thank you for your help and guidance throughout the recruitment process. I had never gone through such a process but felt comfortable working with you particularly as I was new to the locality. You had done all the work and guided me with constant updates both professionally and with humor that I felt I could trust in the process and go with it.

I think it takes a lot of effort and many times due to work we spoke at prearranged times which was helpful.

You are very thorough in your management and thanks to you I’m now glad to have seen the current Practice. I am soon to become a partner and have met a very nice group of people.

I think you have been very professional and supportive throughout.

Dr Sonia Alg - Salaried GP, Seaside Medical Practice, Eastbourne

I would like to write about the very positive experience I had dealing with one of your employees. I enlisted the help of your recruitment agency as I was moving from Portsmouth to Bristol in September 2017 and having never lived in the area, I did not know where to start regarding applying for jobs in General Practice. You made contact very soon after me uploading my details on your site and were an absolute pleasure to deal with from then on.


You made the task of finding a new job and organising interviews relatively stress free. You were always extremely friendly and knowledgeable and if you were not able to answer my questions at first, you would promptly find the answer and contact me back. You put me in touch with GP practices which perfectly fit my job specifications and I am extremely happy in my new job.


I would like to send my sincerest thanks to you for making the transition from Portsmouth to Bristol so easy.

Dr Nina Kapoor - Salaried GP, Mendip Vale Medical Practice

I just wanted to thank you for finding me a GP role that is such a good fit.

You will recall that we met regarding a different post which ultimately wasn’t right. I had never worked with a recruitment agent before and never imagined that you would then go on to take the time and trouble to find me another post and one to which, in hindsight, I am much better suited.

My current position has worked out better than I ever could have predicted. This is directly due to your really listening to me and thinking about both my and the practice’s needs and I just wished to say how much this was appreciated.

Dr Samantha Sewell - Salaried GP, Worthing Medical Group

You were extremely helpful, from the start, in helping me to successfully secure a salaried GP role.

As a soon-to-be newly-qualified GP I was nervous about applying for my first ‘proper’ GP role but you guided me through the process and were always on hand to answer questions and liaise with the practice on my behalf, making the process remarkably stress-free from my point of view.

You provided me with useful guidance about interview techniques and also checked in with me on more than one occasion, after I had started the role, to check that I was getting on ok.

All in all I really appreciated your helpful and friendly presence throughout the process and would heartily recommend you to practices or GPs who are thinking of using a recruitment agency.

Dr Anna-Louise Dennis - Salaried GP, Bradford Road Medical Centre, Trowbridge

I recently returned to work after a break on maternity leave and feel very lucky to have landed a role as a salaried GP in a welcoming practice in Sussex. This is all down to you, and your contact via a colleague (which I had consented to). You were efficient at getting in touch, following up calls when you said you would, but at no point did I feel hassled or pressured into applying. You listened to my hopes and job requirements and made realistic recommendations, avoiding jobs that were too far away or in practices that did not sound suitable.

When it came to arranging the interview this was done efficiently and you were very helpful in giving some advice prior to the meeting. He followed up the interview and helpfully kept me informed of progress.

I am very happy in this job which I feel you were able to direct me to, as you were well informed about the nature of the post and the kind of person the surgery were looking for. I would definitely recommend Menlo Park if you are looking for work but not quite sure of what’s out there.

Dr Alex Allen - Salaried GP River Lodge Surgery, Lewes

I also just wanted to say thank you for all your help in finding me a job. This was the first time I’d spoken to anyone from a recruitment agency. I was somewhat nervous about this and you talked me through what to expect and really seem to have endeavoured to match me to a suitable practice and vice versa. You have kept me informed about things throughout proceedings and I really appreciate the extra time you have spent and help you have given me. You have changed my opinion of recruiting agencies significantly for the better.

Dr Lynwen Phillips - GP Partner, Tadley Medical Partnership, Berkshire

I thought you were very good in understanding my needs and finding the right placement. The follow up was amazing and you set up the right interview at the right time in the right place.

It is going very well at the Orchard and although is a busy place the support from staff and colleagues is amazing. I could not value more your help and support during the process of recruitment. I thought I would do it by myself, but you have been brilliant.

Dr Angelo Cacciato - Salaried GP, Orchard Medical Centre, Bristol

You couldn’t have been more helpful. I was looking for my first GP job after finishing training and relocating 180 miles, so it was a daunting prospect.

I felt that I was listened to and you respected my views as to what I was looking for, rather than sending any old job in my direction.

You were helpful and took all of the legwork out of finding the right job. You assisted right through the entire process, giving me interview and new job advice along the way, and making sure once I was in post, I was settled.

I really valued your personable approach and would happily ask for your help again should I come to need it in future, but you’ve done such a good job at finding the right match between me and the practice, I don’t expect I’ll need to!

Dr Tim Hodkinson - Salaried GP, Hanham Health, Bristol

You were patient and listened to what I was looking for; finding me the right practice, where I have now settled in and am happy as a salaried Doctor.

You regularly kept me up to date, throughout the process. You even gave me a follow up call after 4 weeks of me settling in to the role to find out if everything was in line with my expectations.

I have dealt with other agencies before and they did not offer me the same level of professionalism or understanding of the GP market.

Dr Nick Nosina - Salaried GP, Goldington Road Medical Centre, Bedford

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