Why should you deal with Menlo Park?

There is so much choice at present, but please don’t assume one surgery is the same as the next!

Each practice is approaching the difficulties in General Practice in different ways…

Some practices are going to be a lot easier to work in than others; we know what to look out for, and we can provide you with this information prior to a visit, so you can make the best choice, first time round.

We remove the surprises and unknowns from the process, helping you to avoid wasting your time with a practice, that is not going to be compatible with your needs.

We listen, we won’t make any assumptions, even if the role we’ve discussed isn’t right just now, we’ll keep you informed about the right things in the future.

We handle exclusive vacancies, that simply aren’t being advertised elsewhere. Working with us means that you’ll have access to a higher percentage, of the quality vacancies, in your area.

Why do practices use us to recruit?

Just like you, practices want to make sure that they make the right decision, first time of asking. Recruiting the wrong health professional can be very costly to a GP surgery in terms of time and money. Conversely, hiring the right person/people has a massive, positive impact on the fortunes of a surgery; so it makes sense that recruitment is an important overall part of their business strategy.

GP surgeries respect the fact that Menlo Park are the only consultancy in the UK to focus solely on permanent positions, within primary care. They trust that our dialogue with candidates is very clear; we’re promoting a permanent, long-term career move. At a time where GP surgeries are looking to alleviate the burden of soaring locum costs, we provide a genuine solution that is going to help the surgery save money, improve quality and promote continuity for patients.

What should you expect from the recruitment process?

You’ll speak to one of our expert consultants about opportunities in your desired geographical location:

  • We’ll seek to understand your current circumstances, requirements and goals.
  • Once we understand your background and expectations, we’ll look to pair this with suitable opportunities in your area.
  • We’ll register your interest in roles that you are interested in, and give the surgery an idea of your expectations, prior to the first meeting; this way, everyone is on the same page.
  • We’ll be involved in interview feedback; gathering yours, and that of the surgery’s; in most cases, you would not get feedback from a first visit.
  • If you are successful, we will be involved in offer and contract negotiations, making sure that you understand and are 100% comfortable with the details.
  • We stay in touch with you for the first three months of your new role; we’re here to provide any support and guidance that you may need, during this period.

Does it cost me anything to use Menlo Park?

Our service is completely FREE of charge; working with Menlo Park to find your next primary care role, is simple, highly informative and supportive.

Why Register

  • Free, unbiased advice based on understanding the role in the context of your local market.
  • Detailed advice on the practice; way of working, work levels and patterns, environment, staff, remuneration.
  • Interview preparation and guidance; explaining the process and providing you with everything you need to make a great first impression.
  • Help with an offer and contract negotiation; making sure you are happy with the details and comfortable with the process.
  • Support through onboarding; providing third-party perspective – it is daunting starting work in a new place; we’re on hand to allay any concerns or smooth out any issues during this crucial period.


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