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    Considering a career in Product Management? Now might be a great time to put yourself on that career path, and here’s why!

    Product Manager

    Careers in Product Management 

    Let’s get straight to the point, the demand for hiring Product Managers in the US is through the roof at the moment. The jobs are offering highly competitive base salaries, plus equity and various other additional benefits such as healthcare and remote working.

    Talented Product Managers typically have a mixture of soft and hard skills, making them harder to find. For many growing digital health companies, the culture fit is up there in terms of their most in demand characteristics for the people they hire. Companies want to retain their best employees long term and this is actually incredibly vital for Product Managers too as they are often the creative visionaries behind the company’s product.

    A client ask me last week, “how do you go about hiring Product Managers, what are the latest trends and what skills important?”

    Understanding the company

    Identifying product managers which will be a good fit often requires an understanding of the company’s product and their roadmap, and what influence they are looking for the new hire to make. Finding someone who has experience with a similar product e.g. SaaS and a specific area within digital health matters, and it’s important they are personally interested in it as that will bring the best results for the company hiring the employee. Other factors come into play, for example, software engineering background are often sought after when hiring technical product managers.

    What’s interesting, is how the market has changed in the last couple of years and the impact of remote working, a part of the offer package which is generally of interest to candidates nowadays. Companies have adapted to the times and adopted the more flexible approach to ensure they are more likely to bring on leading talent to their companies.

    To sum up, a career in Product Management is an interesting one and Product Managers are a vital part start-ups and scale-ups value.

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