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    Unfortunately so many of the current digital platforms are designed around an assumption that their users are white, heterosexual, able-bodied and affluent.

    This reflects healthcare as a whole and in the United States, non-Hispanic Black women are 3-4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women.

    This is one of the highest maternal mortality rates among industrialised nations, something that should not be happening.

    Other organisations that are supporting the rise of information and culturally specific healthcare for those marginalised are National Black Midwives Alliance

    They support Black midwives and their allies who are taking legislative actions that address disparities in maternal health care disproportionately impacting Black birthing people.

    In this article we look at some top companies who are changing this landscape for the better.

    Cayaba Care

    Cyaba Care are a home-based maternity service that clinically integrates with your practice.

    Their services range from pre-pregnancy to after delivery and are focused towards the disproportionately underserved populations across the US.

    The Bump

    At The Bump they believe it’s their collective responsibility to champion Black maternal health and wellness.

    Which is why they are partnering with the National Medical Association to inform, support and empower Black women throughout their pregnancy and parenting journey.

    Believe Her 

    The birthing journey for Black birthing people is dramatically impacted and directly correlated to the care they receive.

    For this reason the Dr. Shalon’s Maternal Action Project created this anonymous peer support app.

    Their mission is to increase awareness of the Black maternal health crisis. By developing and promoting evidence-based strategies that improve health outcomes for Black birthing people and families.


    This cleverly named app is helping Black and brown women and birthing people have a safer pregnancy.

    They turn the data into helpful feedback regarding others experiences at a hospital or doctors. Which intern informs their users to decide about who they want as their health professional.

    They believe that, ‘Transparency, Public Accountability + Data Is How We Push for Institutional Change’.


    The mission at HUED ais to change patient care outcomes for 50k Black and Latinos by 2025, by matching patients to Black and Latinx physicians near them.

    They believe that breaking down the main barriers of fear, distrust, comfortability and access will help provide incredible care that they deserve.


    Mae provides culturally specific information and competent support for Black women. Their aim is to create a world where high quality, proactive care is the standard

    Health In Her Hue

    Health In Her Hue is a digital platform connecting Black women and women of colour to culturally competent healthcare providers, health content, and community.

    Their mission is to reduce racial health disparities by leveraging the power of tech, media, and community.

    Although this one is not specifically a pregnancy platform, they seek to better inform, equip and manage healthcare, including pregnancy.


    The good news is that the number of tech companies that are focussing in this area are increasing.

    Connecting those people looking for sensitive, culturally aware healthcare providers and professionals who can understand their journey.

    Unfortunately, investment is slow in coming causing challenges for these tech companies to get attraction.

    But one company that’s committed to investing in and supporting these tech companies is Ariadne Labs

    Progress is happening, it is now also coming through illustrations like the much talked about, Illustration for Black expectant mothers which is fantastic.

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