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    Women’s Health – Birth control


    A woman’s reproductive life is long, on average they have 43 years of fertility!

    Advancement in birth control technology has put the power back into the hands of the individual through educating and helping them understand their own body’s needs.

    However, female representation within medical trials and research is still severely underrepresented leaving a massive gap in this area. The good news is that medical science and research has begun to improve through the increased representation of women in the industry.

    We have looked at five health tech companies who are doing just that, innovating, collecting vital data and research, as well as talking openly about the need to improve the choices women have for birth control.

    OCON Healthcare

    This innovative company is on a mission to develop safe medical solutions inspired by women’s’ bodies and anatomy. Improving the quality of life and health of women all over the world.

    It started back in 2008 when Dr Baram a senior gynaecologist who focuses on contraception in his clinics immediately started working on finding a solution to the problem: how to introduce a ball-shaped IUD through the cervical canal which is only a few millimetres in diameter.

    OCON is currently in the clinical trial phase with the IUB™ SEAD, which will be a less painful and cost-effective alternative for women.

    Natural Cycles

    The idea for Natural Cycles was born though founders Elina and Raou’s search for a natural and effective method of birth control.

    Elina’s journey in tracking her own fertility data lead to this first FDA cleared birth control app that is backed by science.

    Their mission at Natural Cycles is to pioneer women’s health with research and passion – by empowering every woman with the knowledge that she needs to take charge of her health.

    Research is so critical to women’s health because traditionally it is an underrepresented area of health, yet it affects 50% of the population.


    At adyn they believe that choosing your birth control is a science, not an art.

    Understanding the decision should not be between one that makes you less miserable, but one that makes your life better.

    They do this by integrating two biological readouts: genetics (read one time) and hormone levels (read multiple times throughout your life).

    Then provide medically actionable scientific insights which empowers women to proactively optimise their health—from birth control, to fertility, and beyond.


    Clue is a thought leader in Femtech, combining science and technology to change the way people talk about menstrual and reproductive health around the world.

    This period tracking app also has reproductive health down to a science.

    They strive to create an app that’s accessible to a diverse community of users, considering gender, age, race, ethnicity, accessibility, education, country of origin, socioeconomic status, and all the other aspects of an individual’s background.


    Emme’s mission is to put women’s health in women’s hands, starting with birth control.

    Bringing it into the 21st century their app tracks when pills are taken and sends persistent customised reminders until the dose is taken and provides contraceptive guidance if needed.

    Also, they offer users a comprehensive view of their health by supporting cycle, mood, and side effect tracking.


    It is wonderful to see women beginning to take control and fully understand the uniqueness of their bodies. Health tech is supporting them in this movement!

    As primary care givers, women and their health affect the whole family. This includes men and children, making female health very important indeed.

    As important as it is, female health still is a long way from reaching its full potential and companies like those discussed here are leading the way.

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