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How to improve your Enterprise Sales Strategy In Healthcare in 5 easy steps

Everyone in healthcare start-up is “revolutionising the ecosystem” but how are you going to get your message across, when everyone else and their dog is shouting the same thing at your targets?

Starting at the beginning; enterprise sales cycles are long enough and complex enough without starting correctly. Identify the value add for your product and form your G2M strategy around this point.

Healthcare providers are different in the ways in which they might use or need your product so elucidate what particular segments of the market you should be in and identify the specific characteristics of an organisation that makes them a suitable target for your solution.

When you are finished with your G2M strategy you’ll need to effectively manage your funnel, as mentioned the cycles can be anything from 6-18 months.

Get to know your target’s financial year.

Working with organisations it behoves you to understand their fiscal calendar, particularly in healthcare as everything is always,  always  broken down into budgets. To ensure that your product is taken into account you must know when budgets are being formulated and subsequently when would be a good time to be included in those conversations.

If you don’t know them, maybe a member of your team does!

Nobody is alone, the execs and board members of large hospital providers are well-connected people. Large Hospitals are important parts of the community so there are often community leaders within arm’s reach of these individuals, not just those in healthcare. If you know someone in the organisation, no matter how disparate the connection get in touch with them and ask for a more strategic introduction.

Cold Outreach is fine as long as you have your messaging right

If you have no way of getting into an organisation that is warm it is possible, do it with colder outreach like emails but you have to get your messaging right. Do not talk about your product, executives do not care. They care about their problems and want solutions; They are only interested in your product If it meets their challenges or solves their problems.

Once you have managed to get your messaging right get, boost the amount of outreach you do, because it’s still a number game even with good messaging.

Shape your targets needs, through the production of strategic content

Healthcare executives are oversubscribed, oversold to and as a result are seriously lacking bandwidth so a good way of getting to them is to consistently use your marketing. Consistently, eloquently and intelligently pitching your value through your marketing channels can help to warm up clients from a distance; with a decent marketing strategy in place your clients will know of you before they ever sit across the table from you

Take the time to measure client feedback and engagement and pivot accordingly.

With an 18-month sales cycle there is more than enough time to improve things as you go; try and get as much real time data captured as possible. Knowing who, when where and why someone is reading your messaging can give you’re the pretence of serendipity when it’s borderline creepy that you know the person opened the email, clicked on the link and spent 26.5 minutes reading the document you sent them last night.

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