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    The impact of dementia and its symptoms

    Dementia is no doubt a frightening disease to have and traumatic for those around it too, currently, more than 55 million people live with dementia worldwide, and there are nearly 10 million new cases every year.

    The early symptoms of dementia are forgetfulness, losing track of time, and becoming lost in familiar places and the last stages can result in becoming unaware of the time or place they’re in and having difficulty recognising the closest to them.

    Health tech is constantly evolving and coming up with solutions and assistance like never before and in this article, we will discuss some of the ones we find the most intriguing.


    First on our list is GreyMatters, founded by Jenny Rozbruch after having to watch her late grandmother go through vascular dementia for over six years. She perceived that long-term memories could be drawn out by simple activities, such as photographs, music, etc. So, she set out to create an application at the forefront of this and help patients and family members alike.

    The app is an interactive life storybook, including music and games, with the hopes of improving their lives. You can create customizable music playlists from your iTunes library and upload your own family photos accompanied by text and narration.


    The three young adults that are the founders of this application built it out of shared experiences of being close to those that have suffered from Alzheimer’s and they were aware of the cognitive decline of people they cared for. This sparked the idea to create an app that combined healthy nutrition, regular exercise, and brain games.

    Due to the cognitive decline, the games on the app are focused around stimulating the brain with fun and interactive experiences. They challenge the 4 core cognitive areas of the brain, problem solving, memory, and attention.

    As well as the mind, MindMate plays into keeping the body maintained, with plenty of nutritious recipes, and workouts in the form of articles and videos, all to make sure you can stay healthy.


    Lumosity happened after 100 lead researchers, clinicians and teachers came together to create an online tool that allows people to train core cognitive abilities. This collaboration is a collage of visual art and neuroscience. There are plenty of skills to train through using the tool including memory, processing speed, and problem-solving.

    It’s a clever system as it tailors the experience to your brain and adapts to your strength and weaknesses. There are fresh games daily to keep you on your toes. It includes tracking, allowing you to view your progress.

    Beyond the games is Lumosity Mind, which is more on lines of relaxation, focus, and sleep, featuring excellent meditation techniques for all experience levels.

    Myreef 3D aquarium

    MyReef 3D is a therapeutic experience for users, where they can dive into a 3D aquarium, interact with fish, or enjoy the scenic reef. It comes with a fantastic selection of fish, vibrant with specific movements and interactions.

    The app has been very soothing for those with dementia as it’s not too demanding, and people find it easy to use. It has fun features like tapping the tank to annoy the fish.


    You might say this one is multi-purpose, as can prove to be very useful for children and the elderly. It contains military-grade data security protections, so it will give family members the peace of mind they need, knowing exactly where their loved ones are.

    With dementia, they may not be completely aware of where they are in instances and the pocketfinder will alert you when they wander too far. It comes with some advanced features like a smart tracker SOS button, that allows your family members to send an S.O.S and, the ability to make Geo-fences, with an unlimited number of zones.

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