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    Startup companies can sometimes have a negative connotation to them and as a recruiter, I sometimes speak to people who go quiet as soon as I mention the word ‘start up’. So, I decided to share 10 reasons why I think getting involved in a smaller company is a great idea!


    Highly collaborative atmosphere

    Working in a start up is extremely hands on, typically everyone has the same mind set as they realise that they all have a big part to play which creates a real team spirit feel!

    You won’t get bored

    There is no time for getting bored when it comes to a small team, you’re all hands-on deck and constantly have something to work on, there is no ‘routine’ and you’re less likely to get stuck in a rut. Typically, you will be wearing a multiple array of hats and it will be of high importance to get stuck into any tasks that need completing. It will also be of high importance to get those tasks done in a certain time constraint, so if you’re into high adrenaline, start ups are the way to go!

    Exciting career growth prospects

    As a recruiter, I hear from a lot of individuals that the reason for leaving their company is that there is no room for growth which tends a lot to be the bigger companies. However, if you are right at the start of when a business is about to grow, you have the chance to help build a team underneath and even help with the hiring process!

    ‘Out of the box’ mindset

    Joining a start up means adopting an ‘out of the box’ mindset. It gives you chance to be creative in your ideas which you may not have in a larger business, and it really offers that chance to run with your ideas and test out something that sounds crazy but may just be exactly what’s needed.


    Start ups tend to focus more on quality rather than quantity. You can be yourself more and embrace your uniqueness. Typically, you can dress the way you like (within reason) and employers are usually more flexible with time spent in the office and working from home. Flexible schedules have been proven to boost productivity which is a win-win for both the employer and employee!

    Growth will come a lot quicker

    When you’re all hands-on deck and constantly learning new skills, you will develop a lot faster! You will have chance to make mistakes but learn from them and let’s face it… the best way to build success is to learn from our failures! You will be constantly thinking about how to improve things and be more aware of problems and how to solve them.

    Get out of your comfort zone

    You will start to develop a love for being challenged and may even start trying to look for them yourself. Working in a start-up means you will face your weaknesses quicker and will have to learn to develop them at a much faster pace than usual. I know all this can sound very daunting, but It will make you grow both personally and professionally!

    Great working culture

    So, whilst I can’t speak for all start-ups, the general rule is that smaller teams do tend to have a better working culture. Start-ups are known to be home to internationally diverse teams, which can really open your mind to different ideologies and creates a global vision for all employers.

    Personal growth

    You will not only develop your professional skills but also those softer skills that are equally as important! You will build in confidence, and it will give you the tools to work in any type of environment big or small!

    Really make a difference!

    It’s your chance to REALLY make a difference! Your ideas will be listened to, and you will have an impact. Being in a start up can create purpose and make you feel a real sense of achievement when something you’ve worked so closely on, becomes a success. So give it a go, It may just be exactly what you were looking for!

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